It’s no secret that the right collaboration tools can supercharge productivity. However, up until this point, we’ve been living in the Dark Ages about how our workspaces are being utilized.

Introduced today at ISE 2020, Poly Lens is a new SaaS offering from Poly that combines device management along with powerful, actionable insights about how Poly collaboration endpoints and the workspaces that house them are being utilized. By capturing the data available through deployed endpoints, IT and Facility Managers can ensure their conferencing solutions are fully optimized throughout their organization. It’s the Renaissance of workplace collaboration endpoints, ushered in by Poly.

When deployed in combination with our next-generation G7500 and Studio X family of video endpoints, Poly Lens provides a unique view into how the organization is functioning as a whole. IT and Facilities Managers need actionable insights to inform big-dollar decisions about how to equip and manage their workspaces. Understanding how meeting rooms are used, peering into device health and adoption trends, and ensuring all devices are up to date with cloud-based management, together empower businesses to maximize their investments and ensure seamless roll outs.

Intelligent Software — Informed Decision Making

Making Deployments a Breeze

In recent years, many organizations have experienced a sharp spike in the number of deployed endpoints. This can be explained by the fact that that there are now 33.3 million huddle rooms worldwide (Frost & Sullivan, 2019). Getting a new deployment of devices up and running in your cloud-based management system can be a painstaking process. With Poly Lens, we have drastically simplified the unboxing and device on-boarding process where IT can quickly scan a QR code as they are setting up the units and quickly register the devices to Poly Lens. By streamlining this process to a nearly out-of-box experience, we’ve made it easy for IT managers and administrators to quickly and effectively set up and manage Poly devices.

Device registration to Poly Lens
Device registration to Poly Lens

Intelligent Endpoints

For most organizations, soaring real estate costs have resulted in a push toward shared working spaces and open office designs. Today, more than ever before, it’s essential that companies optimize their utilization of these shared workspaces and their technology. In practice, this means actively managing a vast number of deployed devices, monitoring service adoption, and meeting room utilization. The ripple-effect of issues such as failed call start attempts can greatly impact the productivity across the board. Poly Lens spotlights the health and efficiency of companies’ devices and soon, room usage, so they can align their IT resources to their end-user needs.

Poly Lens Infographic

Benefits of Cloud-Based Management

With a few clicks of the mouse, IT managers can configure settings such as, displays, call server settings, network quality and more. Why is this important? Today, video deployments occur at a much larger scale. This puts a significant strain on IT resources. By simplifying the process of device installation and registration to the management platform, much of the IT burden is alleviated. When new devices are needed across town in another office, IT managers can ship a video unit to the employee for self-install and Lens registration – It’s really that simple.

Cost savings and increased security are inherent to cloud-based solutions. When organizations are no longer responsible for buying, hosting, and managing their own servers, they can hang on to a big chunk of change. In terms of storing private company data, organizations shifting to the cloud will benefit from sophisticated security protocols that are insured by industry leading cloud solutions.

Device Optimization

Poly Lens identifies and prioritize actionable insights that help maximize user adoption and device uptime through an intelligent newsfeed. The newsfeed ensures the most important and urgent insights are always at the top of the feed, helping IT efficiently address any issues that might arise. The insights gathered by our video-conferencing technology gives information such as, the number of devices that are in a disconnected state, connected but unused, call minutes per week, and more. Equipped with this data, companies can make smart decisions about how to invest resources.

Poly Lens dashboard insights
Poly Lens dashboard view of endpoints insights

Meeting Room Utilization

What happens when a larger meeting room is booked weekly for only four participants? Well, until now, nothing. Available soon, the Poly Lens newsfeed will provide facility planners with intelligence about how and when rooms are being used and, therefore, how to make best use of the space in the present and moving forward. There’s no need to go around with a clipboard to count how many people are in each meeting room anymore, Poly Lens will handle the heavy lifting.

Cloud-based Service Flexibility

With a predicted 75 percent of important workloads (including video) moving to the cloud by 2021 (Frost & Sullivan, 2019), Poly Lens delivers a solution with flexible purchasing methods that enables businesses to be more agile and innovative in the face of change. Delivered through a single platform, Poly Lens’ interface is uniquely poised to capture insights regarding device adoption and usage over time and across providers. This means you can change VaaS providers without losing valuable and historical insights. The result is zero-capital expense for buying, powering, and maintaining servers.

Poly Lens Availability

Poly Lens is now available for Commercial Preview for the Poly G7500, a video device that combines content collaboration and video conferencing capabilities and the Poly Studio X30 and X50 all-in-one video bars. We will continue to add new capabilities to this cloud-based service and over time and Poly Lens will evolve to support Poly conference phones, desk phones, and headset offerings.

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