Remember the first time you experienced watching a DVD? How about the first time you saw your favorite sport on TV in HD? I’ve been having those same feelings these past few months as Poly has been working on our new video codec, the Poly G7500.

Content is King

The G7500 is a fresh new video conferencing solution from Poly that puts content at the center of the experience.  I’m talking about making content the MOST important part of the system.  You have complete wireless content sharing in and out of a call in up to 4K video resolution!  Even when the G7500 is not in a video call, users can use the G7500 as a presentation system using Apple AirPlay, Miracast or Poly’s own Content App to share content wirelessly or you can plug in via HDMI as well! In addition to sharing content, the G7500 has incredible whiteboard functionality allowing users to brainstorm using the infinite whiteboard space.

4K content opens up so many incredible use cases and new applications. Take, for example, Dr. Robert Vincent, renowned ear surgeon from the Causse Ear Clinic, Colombiers, France.  Dr. Vincent trains doctors on inner-ear microscopic surgery over video conference and is very excited about using 4K technology in surgery.  “4K makes training very close to what the actual surgeon’s eye is seeing,” Dr. Vincent said.

People in 4K

Content is great, but what if I want to see my co-workers in Ultra HD 4K?  Poly G7500 delivers an incredible 4K people experience using the new EagleEye Cube camera with G7500 software version 2.1.  EagleEye Cube offers up to 4K30 video and frame rate that also includes group and speaker tracking along with a 120-degree field-of-view. With the advanced framing technology, you no longer have to worry if you are being seen—with the EagleEye Cube, you ARE being seen.

4K video resolution may not be that important to you right now, but I promise, the same way HD video is a must-have today at home and in the office, UHD 4K will be there soon enough.  From just about 2 Mbps, users will be able to experience 4K video when used with EagleEye Cube USB.

If you really have no need for 4K today, no worries, the G7500 also does standards-based video, from QCIF up to 1080p.

What Else?

How about IP based microphones using standard LAN cables? No more proprietary audio cables for Poly.  Imagine the possibilities of using IP microphones that can pair with the G7500 over the network?  I’ll talk most about that later, but now, just imagine the possibilities.

One interface, simple deployment and training for administrators and end-users. No longer do users have to learn multiple and in some cases, very complex interfaces to do simple tasks like sharing content from their laptop or tablet. The G7500 makes video conferencing and content sharing easy.

Wireless Content Sharing, 4K Resolution, Seamless Deployment….is this Real?

It is! For more information on the G7500, please visit Over the next few months I’ll be posting more about the G7500, so please keep your eye out.