Hybrid work is happening everywhere, and it’s more than a trend—Poly’s recent persona research, which surveyed more than 5,000 enterprise workers across eight different countries, revealed that 73 percent of employees expect to work from more than one location. Poly is focused on providing innovative solutions and phenomenal features to help these professionals thrive, no matter their workstyle or work environment. Our recently launched Poly Edge E series is a great example and we’re excited to share new two new features now available with the latest Poly Voice Software (PVOS) release 8.0.1.

It’s Easy to Connect

Say hello to Poly Fast Pair! This feature allows users to quickly pair an Edge E series phone with a supported Bluetooth headset, like the Poly Voyager Focus 2. If the Voyager Focus 2 is in Bluetooth pairing mode and within 0.91 m or 3 ft of the Edge E phone with integrated Bluetooth, the phone detects the headset and displays an image of it right on the main screen. To finish the pairing, just press the “Connect” soft key, and that’s it!

This pairing provides three levels of hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) technology and the freedom to move about your office or home while on a call. You can easily grab a document off a printer, refill a beverage or just stand and stretch. Sounds pretty nice, right?

New Settings for Color Vision Deficiency

Phones are a necessary part of daily life and yet they are not all designed inclusively. This is an especially meaningful pain point for those with impaired vision and for the IT decision makers who are doing their best to accommodate a diverse workforce. According to the UK National Health Service, “red-green” color vision deficiency is a common problem that affects around 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women.

Poly Edge E series phones have settings to improve screen readability by adding a color filter on Poly Edge E series phones. The available color filter settings include:

  • Greyscale
  • Protanomaly (Red-Green)
  • Tritanomaly (Blue-Yellow)
  • Deuteranopia (Green-Red)

With features like large and bold font options, text-to-speech technology and a color filter, the Poly Edge E series phones are incredibly inclusive devices, making them a great fit for a diverse workforce. All of the accessibility features are outlined in the Poly Edge E Series Phones Accessibility User Guide.

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