Outfitting your organization with the right technology for collaboration is no small task. With the wealth of options and variations available, there truly is no better way to make an informed decision than to get up close and personal with the products. For this reason, Poly has ten experience centers dotted around the globe to immerse you in our end-to-end portfolio of industry-leading video, voice and content solutions.

Our Experience Managers work with visitors to tailor solutions to their organization’s unique needs, while demoing distinctive features that set Poly’s technology apart from the competition and allowing for a bit of hands-on playtime with our products.

However, as social distancing measures went into place around the world, our Experience Managers were challenged to rethink the ways in which our global customers could experience the full Poly portfolio with everyone safely in their homes. Demonstrating from home presented a set of new challenges — from small spaces, close quarters with family, to general difficulty replicating the environments in which some products would be used in.

Poly Experience Centers WFH_Poly Blog

Poly’s solutions are all about connecting people, so we’re fortunate that our homes can serve as a suitable demonstration environment. During this unprecedented time, we’ve been able to construct a methodology for meeting with customers regardless of their locations, while simultaneously offering an empathetic perspective for our partners and customers to meet them where they are.

As many organizations rush to outfit their workforce to work from home, what better way to demonstrate how our solutions work than from a home. Despite the befitting environment, this still required our managers and visitors to meet in an inherently intimate setting — their homes. At times, efforts to demonstrate Poly’s leading noise-cancelling technology featured on the Poly Studio X family or our Voyager headsets goes as far as inviting family members to join in – offering a genuine example of our new shared reality.

The generosity, flexibility and vulnerability our Experience Managers have offered in using their home environments to meet with visitors has strengthened our client relationships and has proven to be a value as opposed to a hindrance. Moreover, it has taught us that the truth in which we are living doesn’t necessarily obstruct our demonstrations but rather exhibits how Poly technologies can truly support any and every business.

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Demonstration of the Poly Calisto 7200 Bluetooth speakerphone

Without a doubt, this global health crisis has been stressful, transformative and everything in between. At Poly, we have maintained our commitment to keeping our employees safe and truly practicing what we preach when it comes to remote working. We will continue to support our clients and partners in navigating the obstacles presented and join in the celebration of wins big and small.


For more information or to schedule your own personalized demonstration today, contact your Poly Account Manager or Partner.