Poly has been innovating in the video conferencing space for years with a long track record of being first to market with new features that deliver an immersive, engaging meeting experience. Over the past few years, we’ve introduced several innovative features to our video portfolio as part of our DirectorAI smart camera technology including group framing, speaker framing, presenter tracking and our recently announced people framing mode.

While these features help to deliver on our vision of Meeting Equality by ensuring remote participants have an engaging experience, it’s also critical that those who do come into the office have a seamless experience in the conference room. Today we’re excited to announce the availability of Device Mode on Studio X70, now available on the entire Poly Studio X suite, to provide our customers with the flexibility to use their PC or Mac to control the meeting experience.

Device Mode delivers on another crucial aspect of meeting equality by providing end users who do come back into the office with the flexibility and intuitive, familiar features and apps they’re used to on their personal laptops.

Connecting to the Room System with Device Mode

Poly Device Mode enables you to use the room system’s camera, speaker, microphone, and connected monitors from your computer via easy connection through the participant’s PC or Mac over a simple USB connection.

Once you connect the room system to your computer with a USB cable, you can benefit from the video system’s camera and audio features when using any video app from your computer. For example, instead of using your computer’s camera for Microsoft Teams calls, connect the Studio X30 and use its 4K camera. You also gain a Poly echo-canceling microphone and speaker technology during calls.

Poly Studio X video bars have built-in apps that provide native support to the top cloud video services. Now, Device Mode allows users to extend support to other cloud video services running on their laptops, providing a more interoperable experience.

For example, let’s say your organization uses Zoom for most of your calls but sometimes needs to connect to other platforms. Device Mode allows you to experience a rich, native full-featured Zoom Rooms experience for most calls, then quickly switch to nearly ANY other cloud video service for the occasional “other” or guest scheduled meeting.

On top of that, Device Mode is easily enabled on Studio X30, Studio X50 and Studio X70 (With an update to 3.12 release), and G7500, and can be selected on a TC8 touch controller from a right-side swipe.

Upgrade to Poly Video OS Version 3.12

In order to utilize these features and more, we recommend upgrading to the Poly Video OS version 3.12, which is now available and can be updated using Poly Lens or the system’s web interface. Read our Poly Video OS 3.12 release notes to learn more about what’s included in our recent software release.

For more information reach out to the Poly team today or visit Poly.com!