With more companies preparing for a return to office in some capacity (full-time, hybrid), deployment of Microsoft Teams Rooms into meeting spaces has seen a huge boom as a way to allow workers to effectively communicate with dispersed teams. As a longtime Microsoft strategic alliance partner with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of certified solutions, it should come as no surprise that Poly offers a full portfolio of Teams Rooms Kits on Windows, optimized for meeting spaces of all sizes from focus rooms to large conference rooms. 

This morning at ISE, Poly announced the new Poly Studio R30, a USB video bar optimized for small rooms, and introduced a new room kit specialized for small rooms, the Poly Studio Small Room Kit for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The new Poly Studio R30 packs the same UltraHD 4K camera with a 120-degree field of view as the original Poly Studio USB video bar, including PolyDirectorAI features such as automatic group and speaker framing, Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technology. However, Studio R30 comes in a significantly more compact form that can be easily mounted on top of a room display.  

More MTR Room Kit Options 

While the new R30 is custom-built for small meeting rooms, we offer MTR Room Kits for meeting spaces of all sizes. The original Poly Studio USB video bar with stereo speakers and optional expansion microphone support remains an ideal solution for medium-sized rooms, with other kit options built around Poly Studio E70 available for larger spaces. The introduction of our Small Room Kit rounds out a complete lineup that can support the full spectrum of rooms and their specific needs. 

But wait…there’s more! We have other enhancements coming that make it easier to deploy and maximize the use of Microsoft Teams Rooms.  

Poly Camera Control App 

This new app lets users take control of a Poly conferencing camera from the convenience of a touch controller and make the most of smart Poly conferencing cameras that support multiple camera framing modes. Users are able to turn the auto-tracking on/off and manually control the camera or adjust the auto framing mode (group, speaker and people framing*) on the fly.  This means users can experiment and select the best camera setting that is most suitable at that moment, such as a presentation, brainstorming session or group discussion. This app will be available in June as a free-of-charge download.    


USB Extender for Poly GC8, Easier installation in Large Rooms 

Installing a Teams Room in a large conference room just got easier with the introduction of a USB 2.0 extender for Poly GC8. The USB extender option makes use of a standard category 5e/6/7 cable to extend the distance between the room PC and Poly GC8 touch controller up to 100 m/330 ft, which comes in handy when you need to wire the cable through raceways in large room settings. This USB extender for Poly GC8 will start shipping in late June in US, Canada, UK, EU/EEA, Australia and New Zealand.   

BYOD Solution for Poly Studio Room Kit 

Even when a user receives a video meeting invite that’s not a Teams meeting,  they will still be able to enjoy pro-grade video and audio quality in the conference room, through the use of a new BYOD solution option. Simply connect a USB cable on the conference table to your laptop and instantly, you will be able to select Poly camera, mic and speaker on your video client. In this way, users can leverage conference rooms for much broader use cases. The BYOD Solution for Poly Studio Room Kit will start shipping in late June in US, Canada, UK, EU/EEA, Australia and New Zealand. 

These are incremental enhancements to the Microsoft Teams Rooms solution that simply make the experience better and more flexible. When you are trying to design and implement consistent meeting rooms that cater to more hybrid work and meeting equality, these changes collectively deliver big improvements and big results.   

To learn more about the complete lineup of Poly’s Microsoft Teams Room Solutions, visit Poly.com 

 *People framing feature support for Poly Studio E70 forthcoming with future software update