In a recent interview, Poly’s Sales CTO Chris Moss had the opportunity to chat with Zoom’s Head of Global Solutions Engineering, Shawn Rolin about some of the workplace trends they’ve seen since the pandemic as well as the significance of Poly providing the first and only video solution to reach the Zoom Room certification level.

Since COVID-19, Zoom’s daily participant count has increased by over 2,000 percent and meeting minutes have increased by over 3,000 percent as people have adopted Zoom as their solution of choice for working remotely full-time. Even prior to the pandemic, Poly and Zoom had been partnering to provide a wide selection of end-to-end solutions that remove barriers to communication. As a matter of fact, that’s what the Zoom’s device certification is all about – bringing painless and flawless meeting experiences.

As Rolin explained, “…we have a certification because we care about the user experience. And so, the certification ensures the same great experience that you get on the Zoom client is going to carry over onto one of our hardware providers.”

The certification of the Poly Studio X30/X50 and the Poly G7500 video endpoints ensures that as people begin to plan for the return to the office, they can expect the same quality Zoom experiences as they have grown accustomed to on Poly’s other Zoom certified devices.

Listen to the interview here: