Poly Headsets Officially Support Zoom

Over the past few months, we’ve announced several significant milestones in our partnership with Zoom, including the certification of our Poly Studio USB video bar and Eagle Eye Cube cameras for Zoom Rooms, as well as the introduction of our new Poly Studio X Family video bars running Native Zoom software at Zoomtopia 19.

But you didn’t think we were going to stop at video, did you? Of course you didn’t.  Today we’re excited to announce that a variety of Poly headsets and audio solutions – including Voyager, Blackwire, Savi and Calisto—now officially support Zoom for Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone.  The combined Poly portfolio offers the broadest selection of Zoom certified and Zoom supported end points available, ensuring a seamless experience for users and less help tickets for IT Managers.


A Headset for Every Workstyle

According to Nemertes Workplace Collaboration 2019-20 Research Study, leading organizations are increasingly provisioning headsets by job role to best fit their worker’s environment and maximize productivity across the business.  Poly’s powerful out-of-the-box offerings cover all types of workers from mobile, office to virtual.



Explore Zoom supported headsets that give you the freedom to roam: Voyager 8200 UC, Voyager 6200 UC, Voyager Focus UC Series, Voyager 5200 Office and UC Series.


Explore Zoom supported headsets that promote focus and productivity: Voyager 4200 Office and UC Series, Savi 8200 Office and UC Series, Blackwire 5200 Series, Voyager Focus UC Series. 


Explore Zoom supported headsets that enable great work, no matter where you are: Calisto 7200, Calisto 5200, Calisto 3200.


Seamlessly connect to Zoom with Poly

No more fumbling around with clumsy technology or losing impact because you sound like you’re at the bottom of a well. With Poly’s premium headsets, you can meet with confidence knowing that your gear is just going work. The seamless experience of moving from a Zoom call to other clients make Poly headsets the ideal choice for customers with a hybrid environment using Zoom with other video cloud services.

Remote call control (RCC) features available on Poly headsets allow users to answer incoming calls and meeting invitations, mute their line, and control volume directly from the headset.  Alleviate low-battery anxiety with mute and power level status easily visible on the taskbar (requires Plantronics Hub 3.14)


Poly Power. Zoom Simplicity.

Poly has decades of experience in understanding what makes meetings more human – for everyone in the room and those dialing in from other locations. By partnering to develop the next generation of Zoom solutions, we’re making sure every powerful idea, every human emotion and every spark of genius can be clearly seen, heard and understood whether you’re in the office, working remotely or running through the airport.