Poly and Zoom Take Hybrid Collaboration to Greater Heights with Thoughtful Innovations

With the New Year quickly approaching, it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to a fresh start. Whether it’s getting back to the gym, reading new books, or starting a new hobby outside of work, everyone is ready to do their best. Likewise, this new era of hybrid work has encouraged companies to prioritize human connection and invest in collaboration solutions that ensure everyone can meet as equals, no matter the distance.

Poly works in partnership with Zoom to deliver innovations that bridge the connection gap between remote and hybrid participants. We recently released some exciting updates that further elevate the meeting experience in meeting rooms and personal workspaces:

Microsoft Guest Join

Back in September, we were super excited to announce the Poly Studio X70, an all-in-one video bar-certified for Zoom services, at Zoomtopia. This feature-rich video bar is truly built for Zoom Rooms, as it’s finely tuned to deliver crystal clear video and audio for large-sized conference rooms. Participants in the conference room can seamlessly join Zoom meetings and look their best. But it gets better.

Zoom Rooms customers will be able to join Microsoft Teams meetings from Poly’s appliances natively without the need for any additional services or licensing. With Poly Studio X70 and G7500 with Poly Studio E70 camera, Zoom Rooms subscribers are empowered to meet how they want with the tap of a button and never compromise the high-quality Poly audio and video experience.

Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery

Poly and Zoom have collaborated to deliver Zoom Smart Gallery that gives remote participants a “seat” at the table. Poly Director AI technology allows remote participants to remain focused on the active speakers in the room and contribute to the conversation with confidence. Zoom Smart Gallery is currently supported on Studio X30 and Studio X50, which are perfect solutions for huddle and medium-sized rooms. Keep a lookout for software updates in the New Year as Poly and Zoom continue to refine and expand the Smart Gallery experience on more Poly solutions including Studio X70 and Studio E70.

Workspace Reservation

 The rapid growth of Zoom Phone has proven that phone capabilities remain a critical communication tool for hybrid workforces. Earlier this year, we worked with Zoom to launch appliances for Zoom Phone with the Poly CCX 600 and 700. Zoom Phone users can enjoy a video-first experience with a familiar user interface that is intuitive and packed with cool features like Zoom Whiteboard. The latest CCX innovation that embraces the “on-the-go” workstyle is workspace reservation, which allows users to temporarily sign into a provisioned desk phone in shared spaces. It’s that simple.

Certified Personal Devices

This year we’ve all quickly learned the importance of having a web camera that has shutter privacy paired with a headset that lets you know you’re muted on Zoom team calls. Thankfully, Poly has a nice spread of headsets, web cameras, and speakerphones certified across Zoom’s Personal Workspace categories. Poly’s headsets certified by Zoom, such as the Voyager Focus 2 and Voyager 4300 series, are also equipped with Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology so you can speak with confidence knowing that background noise is blocked out. Pair a Poly headset with the Poly Studio P5 webcam and a cool Zoom virtual background, and you’re ready to show off. Of course, if you prefer a speakerphone versus a headset for your personal workspace, the portable Poly Sync 20 helps keep echo and noise out so you remain focused during your Zoom meetings!

This is Only the Beginning

This year organizations across all industries are learning that the key to adapting to this new way of work is to provide employees with the perfect blend of in-office, home, and on-the-go working environments. Poly has invested decades in research to understand the unique challenges that come with delivering a collaborative and engaging connection for participants in-and-outside of the office. Our close collaboration with Zoom has allowed us to power human connections for years to come.

Check out this video that shows a day in the life with Poly and Zoom:


To learn more about Poly solutions for Zoom, visit poly.com/zoom