As organizations and businesses in China and globally navigate their way through adopting hybrid work policies for the long-term, there is significant room for growth when it comes to the availability of high-quality audio and video conferencing solutions to help enable a hybrid future. Research agency Oviyun reports that there are 20 million enterprise conference rooms in China as of 2021, of which just 10% have video conferencing capabilities, and less than 5,000 of these conference rooms can reliably manage video conferences in high-definition video.

Business leaders have come to the realization that video will be central to a hybrid future, and that having pro-grade technology and solutions will be essential. Tencent Meeting, a leading cloud conferencing solutions provider in China, has seen a dramatic acceleration in demand for its video conferencing platform recently. The number of corporate meeting rooms in China adopting the Tencent Meeting platform has increased four-fold over the past year, with at least 2-3 hybrid meetings in every one of these rooms daily throughout the work week.

 As one of the most popular cloud video conferencing platforms in China, Tencent Meeting offers a rich array of cloud video conferencing solutions, which include online meetings, webinars, Tencent Meeting Rooms, conference room connectors, as well as open platforms.

Tencent Meeting Room solutions are geared for conference rooms for the enterprise segment. The solution integrates both HD audio and video conferencing features, wireless screen projection, as well as a collaborative whiteboard function, all into a comprehensive software platform. Tencent Meeting is committed to working closely with world-leading hardware partners like Poly to create innovative video conferencing solutions ideal for the many ways and places where work can be done today.

Poly and Tencent Momentum

Recently on June 28, Poly and Tencent Meeting co-hosted a virtual launch event to announce the release of Tencent Meeting Rooms’ intelligent solutions powered by Poly. At the same time, Tencent Meeting also kicked off the “Thousand Perfect Meeting Room” initiative with Poly as its key hardware partner.

Tencent Meeting “Thousand Perfect Meeting Room” Initiative

What does the perfect meeting room look like? What does the ideal meeting experience feel like? To answer part of that question, Tencent Meeting is designed to deliver both crystal-clear audio and HD video in a package that is not only easier for the office worker to use, but also easy for IT teams to manage.

万室如意- The Thousand Perfect Meeting Room initiative was launched by Tencent Meeting in 2022 with the aim to redesign and build 10,000 intelligent meeting rooms over a three-year period, working in partnership with select world-class audio and video conferencing manufacturers like Poly. Tencent Meeting enterprise customers who apply for the program can get their existing conference room spaces upgraded to modern smart conference rooms outfitted with the latest collaboration gear at no charge.

The Poly Value Proposition

Poly’s extensive suite of innovative audio and video conferencing solutions can provide the right products for a diverse array of collaboration scenarios. And now, customers that select Tencent Meeting as their cloud communications platform of choice will now be able to select Poly as their preferred hardware partner.

Poly has the right audio and video tools for employees whether they’re working from the office, home, on the road or anywhere in between. Especially with features like DirectorAI, NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence which work together to capture each speaker’s voice with crystal clear sound, as well as to block unwanted background noise and distractions.

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Poly has an extensive range of Tencent Meeting-certified products, from video cameras to headsets (like the Voyager 4320) and speakers (like the Poly Sync 10) to video and audio-conferencing solutions, covering small, medium, and large meeting rooms, as well as the demands of personal communications. Poly and Tencent Meeting will continue to work together to introduce intelligent hardware and software features that will help all participants feel engaged and empowered on every call.

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