As I write this blog from home, I’m surrounded by the sounds of a full house. The vacuum cleaner droning, dog barking, blender running and all the other typical distracting sounds of home. Thankfully, my Blackwire 8225 headset removes them all with ease.  I, myself am amongst the 94% of employees who reported they get more done in a quieter environment*. And, whether distracting noise is going on while working at home or in the office, the way we see it, all unwanted noise ought to be removed.

Introducing the Blackwire 8225 premium corded headset. This new addition to our family features acoustic excellence from Poly — hybrid active-noise cancelling (ANC) and our signature Acoustic Fence noise cancelling technology to ensure an exceptional audio experience for both ends of the call.

Find Your Focus with Hybrid ANC

Blackwire 8225In the time since our team of designers first set out to construct the best headset for combatting distractions in open office environments, the world and the way we work has changed.  However, what remains the same is the need for tools that offer peace and quiet when it comes time to concentrate — regardless of what’s going on around you.

Using six microphones, Hybrid ANC monitors the distracting noise both at the entrance to the user’s ear as well as the noise outside of the headset.  This noise is then inverted and applied to the unwanted noise effectively canceling it out.  Our team then optimized the ANC to ensure all day use, during and between calls without feeling fatigued — something that can happen when using other ANC headsets.

Blackwire 8225 headset_hybrid ANC_poly blog

They also added a 3-position ANC switch, allowing the user to select the level of ANC best suited to their current working environment. For example, the constant hum of the office air conditioning can be removed with the headset in the mid position.  The commotion created by a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower at the home office gets the boot with the ANC set to high.

Poly’s Signature Acoustic Fence

Because distracting noises are also a problem for the far end of any call, blocking out that noise for the user is only half the story. That’s why our designers and engineers made use of Poly’s Acoustic Fence technology found in Poly desk phones, Poly Studio, and G7500 and applied it to the Blackwire 8225 headset.  Using a single noise canceling microphone for the user’s voice and a second microphone to pick up the background noise, it helps block out the distracting noise for the far end of the call — ensuring the users voice can be heard clearly.

Certified for Microsoft Teams

The Blackwire 8225 is available in a standard UC or a Microsoft Teams certified version. For a product to be Teams certified, it must meet Microsoft’s rigorous audio requirements to ensure users get the best user experience — as a matter of fact, the Acoustic Fence on the Blackwire 8225 performs so well that it meets the Microsoft Teams open office specification.

Devices must also include a dedicated Teams button to instantly invoke Microsoft Teams desktop app for streamlined communications.  In action, a new message is indicated by a flashing LED on the headset and then the Teams button can be used to bring the Teams client to the foreground.

Keeping You in the Zone

The Blackwire 8225 headset is designed specifically to keep the user distraction-free and in the zone.  Therefore, to safeguard your focus that much more, we’ve built-in an on-call indicator to signal to family members or colleagues that you’re busy.

No matter where you work today or in the future, the Blackwire 8225 will be with you to protect your flow and keep you sounding clear and professional.  For more more on remote working strategies and solutions visit

*Plantronics Noise in the workplace global study, 2017.