A Plantronics Manager Pro Casebook

Three use cases for the new cloud-based headset management software

When it comes to headsets, IT has had a significant challenge.

With the responsibility for hundreds, or even thousands, of headsets company-wide, there’s been no easy way for IT departments to know how many or what types of headsets are being used. No easy way to update headsets with the latest firmware. And no easy way to make adjustments, except by being physically present to handle specific issues. It can mean a lot of running around, a lot of lost time and productivity, and more expense for the company. And it can mean a diminished experience for customers calling in to customer service centers and experiencing poor audibility.

Enter Plantronics Manager Pro.

Developed to provide IT departments with complete visibility of headsets within their company, Plantronics Manager Pro enables IT to take control of headsets company-wide, proactively managing user needs, with:

  • easy-to-use tools that configure settings and update firmware to headset users, all at once;
  • reporting functionality that gives a near real-time snapshot of the headsets in use;
  • reports on firmware and software compliance, inventory status, and headset usage across the organization to eliminate unverified configurations; and
  • the ability to troubleshoot issues remotely.

No more reacting. No more running.  

Here, we’ve outlined three typical uses for Plantronics Manager Pro, to illustrate how it can help IT more effectively manage all headsets in their company—and provide more effective, timely support to headset users company-wide.  

Use case #1:

Up-to-the-minute inventory management

IT has been asked by the purchasing department to provide a forecast for the number of headsets needed as the company transitions to softphones for its salesforce and customer service representatives.

With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT now has an easy way to see which headsets users have today, and whether they will work with the new softphones being deployed.

Plantronics Manager Pro connects with Plantronics Hub, the Windows/Mac client desktop software for audio devices, enabling IT to quickly run an inventory report and see who has headsets, what type they are, their operational status, and to which softphones they are connected.

Use case #2:

Enhanced user experience management

An employee has just been issued a new headset that can connect to a desk phone, mobile phone, and softphone simultaneously. It also has a wireless component.

But they just want it to work the way they need it to work, with a few customized settings.
With Plantronics Manager Pro, IT can configure or even preconfigure this device, making it plug-and-play, with minimal instruction, time, and involvement needed from the user.

Use case #3: 

Regulatory compliance management

A brokerage firm has to comply with industry regulations governing the use of Bluetooth headsets by their traders.

To achieve this, they have opted into Plantronics DECT headsets, which meet and exceed the required level of security.

Plantronics Manager Pro provides near real-time monitoring of devices to help ensure those in use are DECT compliant. At the same time, IT has the ability to disable and lock Bluetooth settings in all headsets using Plantronics Manager Pro. This in turn reduces the risk of an FCC audit because the firm can provide assurance that Bluetooth has been disabled.

Plantronics Manager Pro is the first cloud-based tool of its kind focused exclusively on headset management. To learn more, visit plantronics.com