An Intro to Plantronics Gaming:
What’s sound to gamers? Sound engages, informs, and immerses—it pulls gamers deeper and deeper into gameplay. Sound drives adrenaline and emotion. It makes the game feel real.

What gamers hear can make or break that experience. That means game audio and the gamer’s headset have a big responsibility.

A headset can be a physical weapon in a virtual world—or a skull-squeezing kill-joy. It can electrify—or crackle. It can deliver — or disable. A headset isn’t an accessory. It’s an essential tool.

Behind every great gaming team is a great headset. When communication breaks down, so do collaboration and camaraderie. Without it, the very heart of gameplay is at stake; it’s the headset and communication that keep it beating.

High-quality audio and voice communication are a gamer’s right. So are ease of use, comfort, versatility, and value.

The RIG 500 Series:

RIG 500 HX Hero

RIG 500E Hero

From the tournament headset leader, the Plantronics RIG 500 series of competitive gaming headsets is built around a core of performance audio and the flexibility to adapt your needs.

Audio fidelity that gives you an edge. Dynamic 40mm drivers are matched with low frequency resonators to boost bass without destroying crucial mids and highs. Noise-canceling boom mics flip to mute.

Flexibility to adapt to your needs. The lightweight frame adjusts the fit, lets you swap out earcups to change the acoustic profile, and even personalize the look. Up-level the 500 with options or have it all with the 500E e-sports edition.

Endorsed by ESL, the RIG 500 series offers something for everyone, from intense training sessions to events, and everywhere in between.

To learn more about the RIG 500 series and Plantronics gaming, click on the link below.