It is an honor to be named the best place to work in a country.  To be named the best place to work in that country 3 years in a row?  Now that’s saying something about your business practices.  Plamex has been named Mexico’s best place to work for three years now, citing high pay for the region and better employee benefits than most companies offer in the area.

NPR marketplace even did a segment highlighting it and praising Plantronics for their treatment of employees.  Plamex will do something for their employees that most companies won’t do, pay for their marriages.  You heard me, if an employee is planning to get married, the company will pay for the marriage certificate so that they can tie the knot, whether they can afford it or not.  When asked why they purchase the $150 marriage certificates for employees, Rosa, the VP of manufacturing at Plamex in Mexico said “It provides a sense of belonging, it provides a sense of happiness; you can feel that somebody really cares about you.”  The weddings also help reduce turnover in the company.

The company also offers classes to employees from grade school through grad school.  Taking these classes is encouraged by the company, and celebrations are held when staff members get diplomas and degrees.  For those that didn’t get the opportunity to get an education, this is a wonderful and life changing benefit.

Some of the ideas from Mexico workplace of Plantronics made their way north to the Santa Cruz office.  The bay area office has now implemented a weekly farmers market to give busy employees the opportunity to buy vegetables on site so they don’t have to run to the grocery store every week.  This also help supports the community.

If you want to be named the best company in your area, it is no secret what it takes.  Be the best employer you can be to your employees.