So, what kinds of distractions are happening right now in open offices like yours? I’ve talked to a bunch of open office workers and have heard some of the craziest. Like scooter rallies. That’s right, uncoordinated co-workers on wheels. Cheering and high-fiving. Right behind you. While you’re on a call.

1 in 3 workers lose 1 hour or more EVERY DAY.1

That adds up to 200+ hours per year lost to distractions. That’s a lot of unproductive effort and wasted time that your company really can’t afford.

So, how do you help workers hear what matters and stay focused in the open office? That’s a question we asked ourselves, too. We took a look at our 40 years of experience making headsets and gave our product team a challenge: make headsets specifically designed for the open office.

Good thing we like challenges as much as some people like scooters.

What does it mean to make a headset for the open office? Let’s start with Active Noise Canceling (ANC). Too little ANC, and open office mayhem still gets through. If you want to block out the cheering or gossip, ANC is a great to have in your headset.  But, too little ANC, and open office mayhem still gets through. Too much, and you can’t hear yourself, so you end up shouting. Only our headsets are tuned specifically to find the perfect balance.

Okay, so you can hear, how about making sure the person on the other end is hearing YOU and not all the rest?  That’s where noise blocking technology can help. Nobody does it better. Our headsets have advanced microphones that block out background noise. So all people on a call hear is, well…each other.

If you’re wearing a headset to help with distraction, you don’t want to be distracted by the headset! That’s why comfort is a big deal, too. No torturous ear crushing or constant adjustments, please. Just premium, lightweight, stay-in-place materials. No wonder open office workers recently rated our headsets twice as comfortable as the competition.2

With 99% of workers distracted,1 it’s time to bring productivity back. Get more insights on the perils of today’s open offices, and how best to respond. Download our eBook for answers.


1 Source: “All Your Employees Are Distracted: The Realities of Today’s Open Office and What You Can Do About It,” by Future Workplace, April 2019, sponsored by Poly.
2 Source: “Clinc Research Study,” 2019