This past weekend, gamers from all over the country traveled to Seattle, Washington to attend one of the largest gaming events, PAX Prime.  Plantronics sent over our ambassador, Jessica Goch, to check out all of the excitement and use our new RIG 500 E’s!

Day one started off busy as always! Downtown Seattle was packed, and hundreds of people were waiting outside of the convention center to find out all of the information on the latest and greatest games and products.  The Plantronics RIG 500 E’s were one product people were very interested in demoing!  On her way to play the new Halo 5 game, multiple people asking to try on the new Rigs stopped Jessica.  People were fascinated at the capability to disassemble the headset, especially for travel purposes!

Halo 5 was one of Jessica’s favorite games she demoed.  With audio powered by the RIG 500 E’s, she was able to hear the enemy team’s footsteps before she could see them in the game.  This allowed her to dominate and help lead her team to victory!

Each day at PAX, Jessica demoed one of the virtual reality platforms.  On the first day, she demoed the new Gear VR powered by Oculus.  The second day, Jessica demoed the original Oculus Rift, expected to be released sometime in early 2016.  On the third day, she demoed the Morpheus for the PlayStation.  Although the Samsung Gear VR was a quality product, it did not compare to the virtual reality experience she had while demoing the Rift and Morpheus.  The noise-cancelling headpieces on the RIG 500 E’s helped Jessica feel like she was actually inside of the game.  You are completely immersed into another world, where you forget that you are inside a gaming venue!

Cosplayers are one of the most exciting sites to see when attending a PAX event.  Jessica was able to take multiple pictures of detailed cosplay outfits, as well as pictures of some of these cosplayers using the RIG 500 E’s! Some of her favorite cosplays were Cloud from Final Fantasy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear.

Gaems had a large setup where people were able to come play Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.  Jessica plugged in the RIG 500 E’s and started learning the game!  If it wasn’t exciting enough to be able to play out of the back of the huge Gaems truck they drove into the venue, Jessica received personal coaching at the booth from ex-NFL player, Hank Baskett.

There were many professional gamers competing at the event.  At the MSI booth, professional Heroes of the Storm players competed in front of an audience.  At the ESL booth, a large Hearthstone competition was held with crowds of attendees watching the professional players game.  At both of these booths, the professional players used Plantronics gaming headsets to help lead them to victory!  Videos of these players can be found in our recap videos that Plantronics posted to YouTube.

Overall, PAX was extremely successful! The gaming community has a lot of products and games to look forward to buying to help better their gaming experience!  The Plantronics RIG 500 E’s had great feedback, and lots of individuals at the event asked when they will be coming out so that they can buy them.

If you missed out on any of the live social media footage that Jessica took at PAX, head over to our personal Plantronics social media pages, or check out her Twitter at for PAX Prime content powered by Plantronics Gaming!


Click the link to watch the recap videos below!