As employees return to the office, often adopting a hybrid working model, there is increasing pressure on IT to move beyond a break-fix model to keep teams at peak performance. Employees are relying on IT to help them be at their best, deliver results, stay in the flow and communicate effectively. Employees want to enjoy the experience of being back in the office with their co-workers, have the time to catch up and chat, and not worry about the technology in the meeting room they have booked.

Poly Remote Monitoring is designed for customers that want to provide proactive support to end-users. Even if you have the skillset to fix issues sometimes monitoring the status of meeting room devices can seem like a full-time challenge. Poly Remote Monitoring provides multi-vendor support and can monitor devices from leading vendors, including those that are native Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It’s a scalable, cloud-based, multi-tenant solution, based on ITIL framework and backed by global Poly services capabilities.

The service sets you up with data gathering tools that expertly monitor your collaboration and infrastructure environments and provides remote proactive and predictive monitoring to reduce outages so that you can concentrate on correcting and adjusting devices before problems occur. Poly will notify you of any potential problems and offer simple automated alerting and integration into your existing ticketing systems so you have time to resolve the issue before it causes any disruption to employees’ meetings.

There are three parts to our room-based Remote Monitoring platform which you can see in our 15-minute demonstration:

  1. Dashboard that monitors current events and provides real-time information on the health of your organization’s collaboration devices – all devices, infrastructure, video, and audio endpoints. The dashboard includes a section that displays the top ten issues for you to be aware of, e.g. network latency or a problematic device that needs looking at.
  2. Notifications that you can set up. You can configure alerts via email or via an optional ServiceNow integration – which sends you a notification if an issue is detected in real-time such as problems with memory, CPU utilization, packet loss or if the device is no longer reachable.
  3. Reporting is created on demand and downloadable in Excel format and you can look at things such as availability, packet loss, unique events, a summary of your device estate, and utilization.

The Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Significant cost reductions together with increased operational efficiency ‒ saves you the expense and complexity of building and managing an in-house built monitoring solution. Leverages Poly’s extensive experience in managing real-time communications systems and a rule set developed over a decade to eliminate false positives and just alert those issues which require attention.
  • Ensures efficient network infrastructure control and management – monitor devices, networks and endpoints quickly and painlessly – you only need to get involved if there is a potential problem.
  • Clear insights – dashboards providing advanced and intuitive reporting capabilities.
  • 24×7 continuous monitoring in real-time – multiple locations provide you the flexibility to scale globally are all monitored using the same best practices and using the Poly remote team means that your own staff doesn’t have to be onsite 24×7.
  • Reductions in time to resolve an incident ‒ your systems are remotely monitored and you are alerted of any potential problems with enhanced issue identification and information which you can then monitor more closely and take preventative/corrective action before it becomes a major issue.
  • Improvements in customer satisfaction and adoption ‒ by being proactive you can save downtime and reduce end-user dissatisfaction; end users will be more likely to book office-based collaboration solutions if they have a seamless experience.
  • Security – by using a locally hosted collector which sends traffic one way (outbound) only, the solution is inherently secure and is typically quickly approved by your IT Security team.
  • Increased productivity ‒ The IT team can resolve issues more quickly and end users don’t have to report the issue and wait for it to be fixed, costing hours in productivity as the IT team is already on it and can reassign alternative meeting rooms/systems if required.

With 24/7 Poly Remote Monitoring, you are set up with the data gathering tools that expertly monitor your collaboration and infrastructure environments, enabling you to quickly get to the root of the problem and effectively resolve it.

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To see if Poly Remote Monitoring is the right managed service for you download our infographic, watch a one-minute introduction video, read our brochure, and learn more about the complete range of Poly Managed Services.