If you’re in the IT department, you most likely are very rarely at your desk. Users need in-person assistance, equipment requires your attention, meetings occur in other buildings, and the list goes on. Mobility is essential and being able to support users while on the go is a necessity. This is why we have created the Smarter Working UC Toolkit iPad App, which now enables you to take the resources of the Smarter Working UC Toolkit with you wherever you go.

If you follow this blog, you’ve heard us refer often to the UC Toolkit, which is an online library of UC audio device deployment best practices, tools for IT and end user training tools (Quick Setup and Video Setup Guides). The iPad app provides off-line access to the UC Toolkit resources and quick links to the IT tools. The app is also customizable as you can specifically add the Plantronics audio devices you support in your organization which enables you quick access to the training tools for these devices. You can now be away from your desk and still provide top-notch support by instantly emailing the needed Quick Setup Guide or Video Setup Guide from your iPad.

Download the app now and let us know of any additions you’d like to see in future app updates.