It’s the Holidays!  Time for getting and giving wonderful gifts for each other.  If you are struggling to find a cool tech gift for someone (or maybe for yourself) you came to the right place.  Check out my wish list for this holiday!


  • Dell Venue Pro 8” – This 8” tablet runs a full version of windows 8.1, so you can do all your office work on it and not be limited in any fashion.  Normally at $299, this tablet will be on sale at Microsoft stores throughout the holiday season for $199.00.  See Microsoft stores for more information on the sale.
  • Kindle Paper-White – This E-reader is surprisingly clear and a pleasure to read on.  If you are a reader, one of these are a must.  The kindle versions of books are cheaper, and the battery lasts for weeks.  If you have Amazon Prime the deal is even better as it comes with tons of free book rentals.
  • Plantronics RIG – I swear, I am not trying to be a company man.  I really do love this headset, it is amazing, especially for the price.  If you love music, gaming, or watching movies, this headset will leave you happy.
  • Plantronics Voyager – If you are a commuter and are traveling from workplace to workplace, this is the headset for you.  It has wonderful noise cancelling technology, comfortable fit, and even water protection so sweat or rain won’t damage it.
  • Playstation 4 – Okay I know that this one isn’t very “productive,” but we all have to relax sometimes right?  The PS4 is an awesome machine that plays Blu-ray movies, plays their catalog of games, and runs a multitude of apps like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Xbox One – Alternatively, or in addition to the PS4, the Xbox One would also be a cool device to own.  If you are in to football, Kinect, and watching television, the Xbox One is the console for you!