After a legal battle with British Sky Broadcasting, better known as BSkyB, Microsoft has announced that they will be changing the name of their cloud storage solution “SkyDrive” to “OneDrive.”  Skydrive launched in 2007, and has grown to be a competitor among other online storage solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox.  If you use Skydrive you will notice a change soon in the name, as Sky Broadcasting has given Microsoft a “reasonable amount of time” to switch to their new name.

Microsoft never being one to be set back is attempting to see this as an opportunity instead of a problem.  They have unveiled the new name for their cloud storage solution OneDrive, but have promised that the name won’t be the only change.  This is a chance for Microsoft to wipe their slate clean, allowing them to polish their product and fine tune it.

Skydrive has had lots of competition with companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.  The online storage market is becoming more and more competitive as time goes by.  A rebranding may be the edge Microsoft needs to compete with the other companies.

According to a 2013 study by Strategy Analytics, Apple’s iCloud leads the market in users.  This very well may be due to the mass amount of iPhones and iPads that are sold with the service pre-installed, but impressive nonetheless.  Other leaders in the market were Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Google Drive.  Skydrive and the many other options have struggled to reach a top spot among the competition.

Soon the changes to come along with “OneDrive” will be announced, and I am excited to see what Microsoft brings to the table.