As our Head of Sales in Europe, Paul Clark put it: “Nothing stands in the way of productivity, not even microbes!” We know many businesses are rethinking the arrangement of their workplaces – looking for safer ways to share space and devices. Poly is committed to making tools that help you get the job done, no matter what. That’s why our latest workplace wireless communication phone solution was designed from the ground up with the present-day concerns of your business and your teams in mind. Introducing the Poly Rove family of wireless DECTTM IP devices with Microban® antimicrobial technology – built to deliver on-site mobile communication for hours on end.


The Poly Rove family wasn’t developed for the faint of heart. These phones were built to work overtime in hospitals, warehouses, schools, retail – anywhere you can find the heroes behind the scenes making the wheels turn.

The Poly Rove family is comprised of two DECTTM handsets, Poly Rove 30 and Poly Rove 40. Both Poly Rove handsets are simple to use with features such as four programmable line keys, a large 2.4-inch color display, and dedicated keys for push-to-talk, volume, and mute. Using Poly Rove 40, you can go hands-free with your favorite wireless Poly headset via built-in Bluetooth® or use a 3.5mm wired headset on either the Poly Rove 30 or Poly Rove 40.

Additionally, safety features on the Poly Rove 40 give you peace of mind in case of an emergency. Through a dedicated emergency key, you can configure an alert to other handsets, automatically dial an emergency number, play a loud alarm from the handset, and more.

Poly Rove 30 (left); Poly Rove 40 (right)

Depending on the size of the organization, there are two different DECTTM base stations to choose from, the Poly Rove B2 and Poly Rove B4. The Poly Rove B2 is recommended for small to medium-sized companies. In a single cell, the Poly Rove B2 provides up to 10 calls at one time and covers roughly 5,000 square feet. When you add an additional Poly Rove B2 unit, call capacity is increased to up to 20 calls at a time and can also be used in larger spaces of up to approximately 15,000 square feet.

Poly Rove B2 Base

Poly Rove Base Station

If an organization needs to be able to take more than 20 calls at a time, the Poly Rove B4 multi-cell solution is our massively scalable solution designed to grow with your organization up to 254 base stations – that can support a whopping 2,000 calls at one time!

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop, opt for a Poly Rove kit that includes a Poly Rove 30 handset and Poly Rove B2 base station.

Next, we have the secure Poly Rove R8 DECTTM repeater that can be used to extend the range of either the Poly Rove B2 or Poly Rove B4 base stations. Here, you can use up to six repeaters per base station to extend the encrypted DECTTM range throughout your site. This is perfect for physically large environments where phones might need to travel far from their base.

Poly Rove Multi-Charger

Poly Rove Multi-Charger

For customers that cannot charge handsets when they close overnight – like a 24-hour healthcare clinic – the Poly Rove Multi-Charger* charges three handsets and three batteries simultaneously. Not to mention this also provides a convenient centralized location to store handsets.


Cliché as it may sound, we’re all in this together. As we’ve watched our world evolve in reaction to the pandemic, cleanliness has become a top priority. Poly has acted fast to partner with Microban®, a global leader who for over 35 years has been a pioneer in the world of antimicrobial technology. The all-new Poly Rove family will be Poly’s first completely integrated Wireless DECTTM IP phone solution with Microban technology – combining our long history of legendary audio with their proven antimicrobial product protection. Together, we’re keeping your devices cleaner for longer so you can command conversations with confidence.


Additionally, when it comes time for phones to be fully sanitized, we specifically designed the Rove handsets with smooth surfaces, no raised buttons, and no small gaps for easy cleaning.**


Rugged Devices

Dropping a handset doesn’t mean you’ve dropped the ball! Our Poly Rove pro-grade handsets have been extensively tested to ensure they can withstand everyday rough treatment. These rugged devices are drop-proof from 6.6 feet or 2 meters and are IP65-rated dust-tight and water-resistant.

Reduce Downtime + Maximize Productivity

Poly’s redundancy feature enables each base station to act as a primary base station. This ensures your system remains up and running even if a base station were to fail – meaning no missed calls and business continues without skipping a beat.

Freedom to Grow

The Poly Rove family gives you the ability to optimize your system with a highly scalable and completely compatible system. Know your investment is protected with a system that was built to scale as you grow, not to weigh you down.

Set-up + Management Has Never Been Easier

With Poly site survey software and on-site set-up service, you can be confident you’re covered with seamless DECTTM coverage (service sold separately). Plus, with Poly PDMS-SP software, you can easily manage and troubleshoot your devices securely from the Cloud.*** Additionally, you can leverage PDMS-SP APIs to integrate smoothly into your workflow.

Battery that Works Overtime

With up to 18-hours of battery life, a dead handset won’t get in the way of your most critical conversations. When handsets are not in use, store and charge on the included base or the ultra-convenient Poly Rove multi-charger, sold separately, so your team can easily stay charged up and ready to go.

Never Sacrifice Security

We know that security is non-negotiable. That’s why we’ve introduced a complete family of devices that never lose secure DECTTM encryption. With a Poly Rove repeater or additional base station, you’ll never have to sacrifice security to expand your system.


As we boldly march into our ‘new normal,’ purpose-built solutions for the businesses of the future will ensure your organization doesn’t miss a beat. The combination of Poly’s legacy of best-in-class audio with Microban’s cutting-edge antimicrobial product protection will keep conversations running smoothly and your devices cleaner. For more information about the Poly Rove family, visit


* Poly Rove multi-charger sold separately.
** Microban® technology is not designed to protect users against disease-causing microorganisms. Microban Products Company makes neither direct nor implied health claims. Normal cleaning practices should be maintained.
*** Available through service providers, some services sold separately.