Are you beginning to understand the meaning of growing pains? Your small business has finally achieved that first stage of growth that you worked so hard to achieve. But now a whole new set of challenges faces you as you try to keep up with new opportunities, growing customer demands and adding more – and the right – talent to your workforce. On top of that you need to put new procedures and processes in place from customer service to HR, invest in new technology to support your growth, and expand your marketing and sales.

In the middle of all this, the last thing you may want to think about is moving to bigger space to accommodate your growing team. Plus taking on new space is a financial liability, which can be risky even in the face of growth. Fortunately, today remote and flexible working aided by new mobile technologies and cloud-based applications is accommodating the needs of many businesses large and small to add to their workforce without taking on new space. Even so, there may be days when your office is full to capacity and the resulting noise can seriously impact productivity by making it more difficult for your employees to concentrate, resulting in lower job satisfaction and morale. A study by Cornell University, “Noise in the Office Workplace,” found that noise, defined as unwanted sound, is the most frequent complaint of office workers.

Address background noise head on

A small work environment and growing team created a serious noise problem for SpiceWorks. When the Austin, Texas, based IT pro business social network was just starting out, its four-person business development department sat in a 20 x 20 foot room. By year three when the fifth team member was hired, background noise became a problem. To mute out concurrent conversations, SpiceWorks bought everyone on the team a Plantronics noise-canceling wireless headset to use with their desk phones. The headsets also enabled reps to work hands free on their computers while on a call or to pick up something from the printer and continue a phone conversation. (See: SpiceWorks adds a dash of PLT to spice things up with employees, IT and customers.)

While your small business needs eventually may require that you take on more office space, in the meantime you can accommodate employee needs with noise-canceling headsets to help them concentrate as well assure audio clarity when they are on the phone.

Plantronics newest noise canceling headsets

Voyager Focus UC

Voyager Focus UC with Cisco DX80

Just announced is Plantronics new Voyager Focus UC Bluetooth headset. It enables your employees to move seamlessly between PC and smartphone calls and between work and entertainment. The new headset features on-demand Active Noise Canceling (ANC) so users can focus on calls or work and precision tuned triple-mic with enhanced DSP for superior background noise cancelling

With its high-quality stereo design, the Voyager Focus UC provides hi-fi stereo sound and a more immersive experience. Smart sensors answer calls by simply putting on the headset, mute by taking off the headset and pause music for incoming calls. Also its unique Dynamic Mute Alert senses and alerts employees when they try to talk when muted.

Find out more about the new Voyager Focus UC and other Plantronics headsets for your small business to keep the peace and quiet while you grow.