For people working in a variety of industries, the confidentiality of day-to-day conversations is critically important. Meeting necessary security requirements during a time when so much of our work happens remotely has been a real concern for those working in areas such as finance, healthcare, government, and call centers that routinely handle sensitive information. Enter the Savi 7300 Office Series, Poly’s latest wireless headset, with the highest level of security for those top-secret conversations.


With the Savi 7300 headset, you and your callers can speak freely knowing calls are protected with the highest level DECTTM Security Step C and 256-bit AES encryption for maximum security. Combined with a noise-canceling microphone with Poly Acoustic Fence technology, your agents can be sure that sensitive information won’t get picked up by a neighboring call.


Need to get up and stretch your legs? Go step into the other room to speak in private? The Poly Savi 7300 Office Series was designed to enable everyone to enjoy the freedom of a wireless headset while keeping communications secure. In particular, some call centers have never been able to fully embrace wireless headsets due to limitations on the number of people able to use wireless in one space. Those limitations have been removed. With the Savi 7300 Office Series, worrying about interference is no longer a thing – even the largest call centers.


For many call centers, the desk phone continues to be a vital part of how work gets done – and with good reason. Desk phones work even when your computer is off, they’re easy to use for outbound calling and offer extremely reliable high-quality audio. However, that’s not to say that many organizations aren’t also leveraging the benefits of web-based collaboration platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. The Savi 7300 Office Series has all of your bases covered by working beautifully with desk phones and web-based applications alike – and can even conference together seamlessly. While this flexibility is great for productivity, this is also a source of confidence that your Savi headset will work with any of your future technology roadmap choices.


The Savi 7300 Office Series is available in a Microsoft Teams Certified version to give your employees a great experience with single-tap access to the Teams software and notifications for missed calls or voicemails. It works so well that it meets the Microsoft Teams open office requirements.


So, whether you’re a secret agent or a call center agent, the Poly Savi 7300 Office Series headset will keep your conversations under lock and key with perfect clarity. Learn more about the Poly Savi 7300 Office Series headset.