[UPDATE: August 17, 2020] Poly G-Series Microsoft Teams Rooms Solution is now certified for Microsoft Teams.

With business operations around the globe swiftly enabling different ways of working, we’ve seen a dramatic acceleration in the number of organizations turning to Microsoft Teams to support their voice and video communication and team collaboration. Today, Teams hosts 75 million daily active users* and is by far one of the fastest growing business apps to date. As we turn our gaze toward facilitating a seamless transition for those returning to the office, it will be essential that teams use the same collaboration infrastructure in the conference room as they have grown accustomed to using from their home offices.

While the Teams platform does its part reliably delivering a consistent user experience, the hardware used to launch your Teams meeting has a vital role to play in the quality of your virtual interactions. That’s why, we are proud to introduce Poly’s Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams which combines Poly’s legacy of quality endpoints with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart computing technology to bring you a  clutter-free Microsoft Teams Rooms experience**.

Introducing Poly Room Solution for Microsoft Teams

To ensure successful org-wide deployments and user adoption, we reached out to Poly customers who have either already deployed or are considering deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms to get a sense of what problems needed solving.

The primary concern we heard from administrators was ease of deployment and consistency. Users were looking for high-quality meeting experiences that were easy to navigate. We listened. Poly designed the Poly Room Solution for Microsoft Teams to address both stakeholders’ needs.

For administrators, we made sure that our solution wouldn’t tangle them up in a mess of wires and is easy to install. Our simple cable management also eliminates cable clutter on the floor or on the conference table, resulting in greater ease of physically maintaining rooms and fewer user ‘accidents’.

Microsoft Teams Rooms HDMI cableClean cabling systems are a big deal in smaller meeting rooms where table surface real estate is important. In larger rooms, it’s crucial to have a cable that is long enough for installation.  That is why we separated the compute appliance and the tabletop console using just a single, generous 10m long fiber optic USB cable (with 25m and 40m option available), making the installation a breeze.

To keep this simplicity intact, the Poly GC8, our sleek 8-inch touch console, has HDMI ingest and a USB port, so that you can connect your laptop and a USB speakerphone to the touch controller rather than to the compute appliance.

Additionally, having cameras and speakerphones with sufficient reach even when being installed in a larger meeting room is key.

For end users, we made sure that they would be able to focus on their meetings with technology that is easy to use. As always, Poly’s solution delivers a high-quality meeting experience, from delivering best-in-class audio, to intelligent features like NoiseBlockAI to filter out distracting background noise and MeetingAI for group framing and speaker tracking. This means basic functions such as remembering to mute when there’s background noise or shifting the camera to capture different speakers are taken care of by smart technologies that are baked into the Poly Studio, Trio C60, and EagleEye Director II. Not only do these functionalities allow meeting participants focus on their conversations, but it also creates a dynamic video experience with crisp audio that breaks the tendency of virtual meetings being monotonous and disengaging.

Keep it Simple. Keep it Secure.

Poly GC8 front and rear_Poly BlogAs mentioned, Poly’s solution reduces cable clutter on the floor and conference table by enabling the PC to be ‘tucked away’ in the cabinet or behind the monitor. Furthermore, to provide secure, reliable compute platform for Poly MTR solution, we partnered with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart team to deliver an enterprise-class compute appliance, optimized for the collaboration space and built on Intel vPro technology.

Three Configurations to Choose From

Poly’s Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams come in a variety of different configurations and can comfortably equip small to large rooms​.

Poly G10-T​

Base Kit, to connect to existing USB peripherals​ (Bring Your Own Peripheral)

Package includes: ​​Poly G10-T_Poly blog

  • Poly GC8​
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny​
  • PC VESA/Wall Mount Kit​
  • 10m fiber optic USB cable

Poly G40-T

For Small to Medium Rooms​

G40-T_Poly BlogPackage includes: ​

  • Poly GC8​
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny​
  • PC VESA/Wall Mount Kit​
  • 10m fiber optic USB ​cable​
  • Poly Studio​

Poly G80-T​*

For Medium to Large Rooms​

G80-T_Poly blogPackage includes: ​

  • Poly GC8​
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Edition Tiny​
  • 10m fiber optic USB ​cable​​
  • PC VESA/Wall Mount Kit
  • EagleEye Director II​
  • Trio C60​ 

*Microsoft Teams Certification testing in process

Collaboration Bars for Teams

What about Smaller Conference Rooms?

You didn’t think I was going to write a blog about collaboration and not mention our Studio X family of solutions with native Teams, did you? The Poly Studio X30 and X50 all-in-one collaboration bars are the ideal solution for smaller conference rooms and executive office. Native Teams means you can launch your meeting directly from the touchscreen and leave your PC at your desk.

Poly Studio X30 and X50

For more information about Poly’s Microsoft Teams solutions, visit: https://www.poly.com/us/en/solutions/platform/microsoft/video


* “Microsoft Teams now has 75 million daily active users” (Business Insider, April 2020).
** Microsoft Teams Certification coming Summer 2020.