We are excited to introduce the CCX 350—the latest addition to the CCX family! The CCX 350 will be the first Microsoft Teams certified desk phone in the CCX family to have Microban® technology integrated directly into the plastics for enhanced antimicrobial protection, making it ideal for multiple users in high-traffic common areas and in this hybrid work era. In addition to being the perfect common area solution, the CCX 350 is great for end users, especially those who wear gloves while they work, because it offers a physical dial pad and parity in capability with our CCX 400. Both of these assets make life easier for IT and the end user.

Take a Closer Look at the CCX 350

Of the six solutions in the CCX family, the CCX 350 is the first Microsoft Teams certified desk phone solution with a non-touchscreen interface. Thanks to the dial pad’s varied textures and spacing, the CCX 350 is optimized for use with gloved hands, which is great because this solution provides durability ideal for a retail, manufacturing or lab environment. In these environments, common areas and shared phones are necessary and all surfaces are regularly wiped down. This phone supports your commitment to workplace cleanliness because the built in Microban® antimicrobial technology actually helps the phone stay cleaner for longer, which provides some peace of mind for the multitude of daily users.

It can Handle a Noisy Environment

Are the forklifts beeping in the background? Are there other conversations happening nearby? Is the bakery line humming or the depot space clanking? In common areas, disruptive noise comes with the territory, and the CCX 350 can handle it all. With the CCX 350, you can meet and speak with confidence because Poly’s exclusive Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technology enhances the end user experience. These technologies eliminate distracting background noise at the source, so everyone can hear and be heard clearly.

The Rest of the CCX Family

If the CCX 350 isn’t the perfect fit for you, check out the other solutions in the CCX family:

  • The CCX 400 is the touchscreen alternative for a common area.
  • The CCX 500 and 505 are great for cubicle spaces and knowledge workers. With the CCX 505’s Wi-Fi functionality, it makes an excellent solution for the home office.
  • The CCX 600 offers a larger screen, which is ideal for a manager and executive. It also sports the capability to integrate an Eagle-Eye Mini camera to add video conferencing to the desk phone.
  • The CCX 700 also has a larger screen ideal for an executive user, but it has an integrated camera with a privacy shutter built right in.
  • The CCX 600’s video integration and the CCX 700 are only available for non-Microsoft Teams ecosystems.

When will the CCX 350 be Available?

Our Poly CCX 350 launches as the CCX family’s entry-level solution for Teams in October. Give your service provider a call to make sure their testing has been completed and they are ready to fully support this new phone. The phones will be officially available in North America in late November 2022, and they will be globally available in Q1 of 2023. Take some time and visit our Poly Desk Phones page to learn more about the CCX line and other phones in our portfolio.

Visit the Poly CCX 350 page for more details about our newest addition.