Poly has been leading the pack in terms of innovation since the earliest days of video conferencing.  Today at Zoomtopia, we’ve unveiled the Poly Studio X70, a beautifully engineered, all-in-one video bar that combines razor-sharp 4K video with boardroom filling stereo sound for the best meeting experience available. Joining the lineup alongside the Poly Studio X30, Poly Studio X50 and the recently announced Poly Studio E70, these solutions represent the next generation of Poly hardware for large conference rooms.

Smarter Hybrid Meetings Driven by Artificial Intelligence

The magic of the Poly Studio X70 comes from its dual-camera design and Poly MeetingAI, a proprietary suite of features designed to enhance virtual meetings. We’ve engineered the system to constantly analyze the room using a 120-degree wide-angle lens and automatically switch to the 70-degree telephoto lens when there is a better view. Both cameras have a 20-megapixel sensor for lifelike clarity.

Poly DirectorAI is the brain behind Poly’s cutting-edge video experiences. It uses A.I. and machine learning technology to deliver real-time automatic transitions, framing, and tracking that make everyone feel like they are in the room together. Poly DirectorAI perfects the hybrid working experience by seamlessly connecting those in the meeting room to those joining remotely.

Beautifully Engineered Audio Experience

The Poly Studio X70 has crystal-clear, boardroom-filling audio from two-way stereo speakers, aluminum cone tweeters, and custom-tuned bass ports. We’ve also brought our NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence features with our patented 2nd order gradient microphones to make sure that distractions are kept out of your meeting. Here’s a demo video to show you just how good the microphone pickup is:


Personal Device Control and Environment Control integration with Extron

In addition to announcing our new hardware, we’re also delivering new software with the rollout of Poly Video OS v3.6 for the Poly Studio X line and G7500 codec, giving users access to new features to control the meeting room experience. When a person walks into a conference room, the first thing they do is interact with the controller in the room which is why our team at Poly has been hard at work building the future of room control. First up, we’ve added the ability to control the room system with a personal device to avoid interacting with shared surfaces. Secondly, we’ve worked with our partners at Extron to provide the ability to control lights, monitors, and shades in the room directly from the Poly TC8 touch controller.

Control the Room System Right from your Personal Device

When it comes to driving the experience in a conference room, we believe that there should be more options than just the controller on the table.  Sometimes the controller might be out of reach and a personal device is more convenient. As we return to the office, many people will simply prefer to avoid having to touch shared surfaces. Keeping that in mind, Poly has built a solution that allows a user to control the meeting room system from any personal device that has a web browser.

When a customer has a Poly Studio X or G7500 in Poly Video Mode, there is now an option that allows a user to securely connect to a video system without the need to download an app. All that a user needs to do is walk into the room and scan the QR code or visit the dedicated URL. After that, the system will display a code to be entered, and the user will be able to drive the experience right from their personal device.

Control More than just the Video System… Control the Environment

Full room integration extends beyond codecs, cameras, and microphones. Many of our customers look to integrate the entire room environment with their video system. Whether it be the lights, the shades, or the monitors in the room, they can now all be controlled via the Poly TC8 controller. We are proud to announce a new integration with our partners at Extron to provide this feature. You can now enable a Poly TC8 to connect to Extron hardware to give full control of the elements in the room.


Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any of our other great video partners, you will have the option to swipe from the right to access room controls.

But wait, there’s more!

Also, in this 3.6 release, we’ve added support for Zoom Smart Gallery, and the ability to configure static IP addresses and WIFI settings during the setup process. To learn more about the features in the 3.6 update see the release notes.

Poly is committed to ensuring that our equipment continues to deliver more value as time goes on. Our engineers are working to ensure that the Poly video experience is evolving to meet our customer needs and pushing video to the next level. With the addition of the Poly Studio X70, there is now a Poly Studio X model for every room in your organization.

To learn more about Poly’s Video Solutions or download our 2021 Product Guide, visit Poly.com.