It’s no secret that the right collaboration tools can supercharge our productivity. However, until now, we’ve been in the dark in terms of how the tools we leverage and the workspaces we occupy are being utilized. Business leaders are often left guessing… Are you wondering how many people are using your conference rooms given the popularity of Hybrid Work? Are meeting rooms being over or under-booked? Are people happy with conference space or are there enough video-enabled rooms? A better speakerphone? 

Many IT tools in use today offer a way to remotely manage collaboration devices, but few excel at delivering the necessary insights to truly understand how to optimize their deployment. Collecting information in a single office might not be a big challenge for their IT administrators or facilities managers. However, it can become a great deal more complex when you have a large office, multiple locations, flexible and remote workers across global time zones.  

Today we’re excited to announce a new Room Insights feature available for beta testing within Poly Lens, our device management and insight administration portal.  Room Insights provides IT managers with much-needed visibility into how meeting rooms and collaboration tools are being used (or not used!). Gaining actionable insights into the utilization of workspaces is increasingly vital as organizations plan and execute their return to the office while supporting their hybrid teams spread across geographies and time zones.  

Do you need data to inform future investments? How do you explain to executive management what technology you need for a productive workforce? Poly devices have the capability to collect data about room usage that can be fed into Poly Lens. Poly Lens then aggregates this data around workspace utilization into actionable insights that can be leveraged by the organization to maximize the investment. This helps you go beyond good management and set your employees up for total success whether they are in-person, hybrid or fully remote. 

Below are metrics for all the rooms being managed across our example company. This can be broken down into room-by-room data as well. This type of clear data can help IT and facility managers make informed decisions about technological investments and how best to optimize workspaces. 

Scheduled but Empty 

Your conference rooms cost money and are typically at an availability premium.  That’s why it’s important to understand their utilization. In the insight below, you can see the room has been scheduled several times per day, but no one was present in the room. This means this valuable meeting space shows ‘booked’ for all employee calendars but is actually sitting empty – argh!  This simple insight can save frustration, time and money by canceling the unattended meetings.  

Understanding Meeting Attendance  

Meeting participant count helps to inform the proper allocation of space and technology to outfit your rooms. To make informed decisions about room utilization, you need visibility into how many people are using your spaces. Imagine a 4-person meeting happens in your large conference room while a 10-person meeting needs to squeeze into a smaller space.   Poly Lens delivers these insights directly to you, allowing you to see patterns of utilization and act.  In addition, in our current pandemic world, these insights allow informed policies as workers return to office while trying to follow appropriate health and safety guidelines. 

 Delayed Start and Run Times 

Most meeting participants experience frequent delays in meeting start times. The delays can be tied to hard-to-understand user interfaces, meetings running over, disconnected equipment, deferred software updates, and more. Every time a meeting starts late – teams are unproductive and can grow frustrated – compounded by the reality that some employees are in-office and some remote.   

Room Insights within Lens can track late meeting start times, meetings that run over the scheduled time, making others late. These intelligent insights are delivered to Poly Lens from our smart devices in the room.  And we’re not stopping here.  As devices get smarter and provide more raw data, Poly Lens will tailor that data to your needs.  

Join the Beta 

We’re excited to open these new Room Insights features for beta testing and look forward to customer feedback on how these new tools are empowering IT and facilities managers to make informed and important decisions. The beta is open now to any Poly customer with a Lens account. Sign up for a free Poly Lens account here and let us know how Room Insights is helping you take action to make the best use of your devices and workspaces.