Dialpad has been making waves recently as a leading cloud communications platform supporting voice, video, messaging, meetings, and contact centers in one beautifully designed app. Dialpad’s offering stands out with a platform that delivers AI across every employee and customer experience, with innovative features such as real-time transcriptions, live agent coaching, and sentiment analysis. Today we’re excited to build on our partnership with the introduction of a new native Dialpad Meetings app experience available on the Poly Studio X30 and Studio X50.

This next level of integration will provide Dialpad Meetings and Poly users with a simpler setup, production quality performance, and easy content sharing through professional-quality room endpoints that are easy to deploy and manage.

Dialpad Meetings features with Poly Devices

With the new native experience, you can expect the same great Dialpad Meetings experience running on Poly devices in an easier-to-navigate application.  What can users expect with this new integration?  Here’s a summary:

  • Simplified control and content sharing: because the Dialpad application is built into the Poly Studio X hardware, meeting participants can easily join meetings with one touch and control the experience using the Poly TC8 Additionally, participants can share content wirelessly to the Poly Studio X endpoint from devices or browsers running the Dialpad Meetings application. 
  • Poly Meeting AI: Poly Studio X endpoints are packed with video and audio innovations aimed at providing a better meeting experience such as automatic camera framingadvanced microphone designNoiseBlock AI, and Acoustic Fence.  Command the conversation with Poly’s professional-grade video and audio that puts everyone in the meeting on equal footing and gives everyone the opportunity to shine.
  • Easy deployment: as an all-in-one solution, Poly Studio X video bars make setup a breeze.  Simply unbox, connect, and log in to your Dialpad Meetings account and within a few minutes, your meeting room can be set up and running.



Built for the hybrid workplace, Dialpad offers complete video and audio collaboration solutions that bridge the gap between teams no matter where they work from. Poly and Dialpad are working together to set our joint customers up for success as we collectively enter this next phase of hybrid work. No matter how or where you work, Poly and Dialpad have solutions to meet your collaboration needs and ensure that every meeting participant has an equal opportunity to shine no matter how they join the conversation.

To learn more, go to Poly.com/dialpad