The goal of the Poly Experience Program is to create tailored briefing experiences for our customers to showcase how Poly’s professional-grade voice and video gear can solve their organization’s specific collaboration needs. To achieve this goal during a global pandemic that required more virtual and hybrid-style briefings, we dreamed up the idea to use a central camera to highlight multiple vignettes in a single space that could be adjusted quickly as needed – and our new virtual studio was born! Unlike the heavily engineered green-screen studios that we have used over the past 10 years, this re-imagined location features a unique theater-in-the-round format.

By mounting our own Poly videoconferencing technology atop a mobile cart positioned centrally in the briefing center, we can now easily swivel the camera to focus on different use-case setups that encircle the room, such as a home office, classroom, doctor’s office or a typical enterprise deployment.

The reimagining of our virtual studio briefing format lets us accommodate and tailor briefings for our customers across industries and locations. During the pandemic, we received an unprecedented number of virtual briefing requests from customers located in different countries. This inspired us to expand our Virtual Studio model by replicating this setup in Poly Experience Centers throughout the world so we can help more customers in more regions, and in more languages. For customers who aren’t located close to a physical Experience Center, virtual studios provide an opportunity to get a custom briefing experience with Poly.

Below is a 3-minute video that demonstrates the Virtual Experience Studio space and functionality. The demonstration is hosted by Lillian Trinh, Virtual Experience Manager at Poly.

Simplicity Through Design and Décor

The success of the Virtual Experience Studio is due to the simplicity of its design. We chose not to incorporate extra digital media or control panels that we had used in the past. Instead, we stripped down the experience and focused on using our own technology as both the demonstration vehicle and the product to be showcased.

Then, we relied on the simplest of accessories and décor to help illustrate our stories. Each set-up encircling the virtual experience studio is highly customizable. We have graphics with magnetic tape and a slat wall with adjustable shelves. This lets us alter the décor and details to make the demo environment specific to the application most relevant for our guests. For example, the Healthcare setup (pictured below) can quickly be switched to an education setup by rolling away the medical cart and adding a jar of pencils. The process is amazingly simple and extremely impactful.


A virtual briefing is an excellent step toward finding the ideal solution for your organization’s needs and work styles. To schedule a personalized demonstration, contact your Poly Account Manager or Partner.

For more information, visit the Poly Experience Program page on our website.

Renée Niebylski is a leadership representative with the Association of Briefing Program Managers and the Director of Poly’s Global Experience Program.