I guess the first question I should answer is, “what in the heck is Hypervoice?”  Hypervoice is one of those things that is so simple of an idea it’s almost difficult to explain.  Almost to the point that you wonder why we haven’t thought of it before now.  The idea is improving on voice communications to make them operate more like our text ones, but not by using just some run of the mill speech-to-text software.  Let me explain.

Text has come a long way.  In the business world we rarely write anything by hand anymore.  Most of it is typed up and sent out via email.  We have gone on a long journey from typewriters to faxes, from instant messaging to email.  As we have grown so has our tech, and we no longer just use plain text, we use hypertext.  When we talk to someone on a chat program or email, we link to files or websites, effectively enhancing our conversations.  However we speak aloud in voice chat, whether it be over a video conference or over a softphone program like Skype, we regress a little.  We lose this ability to effectively share, unless we go back to text based communication to share our links or documents.  So this is the idea behind hypervoice.  What if voice could be like hypertext?  What if when you were verbally talking about a client their file would automatically come up?  Or when you were discuss the 2013 budget reports they would automatically link in the voice recording.

For years we’ve tried to make our input easier for the computer to understand.  Voice to text software is still anything by perfect to this day. It’s about time we make the computers focus on us.  Hypervoice methods and technology would make the computer focus on the user’s conversations, enhancing them to a great degree.

There will be issues that have to tackled, such as privacy of documents and which ones you want to be accessed or shared while communicating.  But imagine the benefits of a computer that can keep up with you as you are communicating with your coworkers.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had to stop a conference call and make someone wait for 5 minutes so I could find an email, simply to confirm a date or a price.  With Hypervoice, my clutter wouldn’t slow me or anyone else down.

Checkout a whitepaper on Hypervoice Here

EDIT: Check out www.Hypervoice.org and subscribe to their newsletter for more information. They are the real experts! (Thanks Martin)