There’s still a lot of work to be done to define the best working model for hybrid teams in the call center, which we addressed in a previous blog “Hybrid Workforce or Hybrid Employees?” Today we’re investigating whether hybrid work delivers the best of both worlds or if it’s a compromise that misses the mark and leaves remote employees wanting. Is there a better solution or improvements we can make around how our teams are structured?  

Employee experience plays a key role in building and running successful call centers in the era of hybrid working. As many agents have been working from home effectively, it begs the question…. what is the office’s role in today’s modern call center? Is it a social meeting place? A learning and collaboration hub? Do we focus on ‘half the space, twice the experience’ to make employees want to come in, rather than forcing them?  

Those are frequently asked questions surrounding our new normal, and many organizations are currently ramping up, struggling to adjust to their employees’ new needs. That’s where Poly comes in! On Dec. 8, we are hosting a webinar with guests from Telus International and CCNG to explore hybrid working in call centers. The discussions will help you formulate a strategy to implement hybrid working and plan for what lies ahead. 

How are Service Levels Changing? 

The long-term rise of digital interactions has been accelerated through the pandemic, and the inability to accurately plan caused havoc for many organizations. However, the time for hiding behind a badge on a website that says you’re incredibly busy is long gone. How have your service levels changed? Are you using new or different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? What are your customers’ expectations of service levels now? Poly is here to help you move through these questions and find suitable solutions. 

Is the Great Resignation Making It Worse? 

Attrition was already a major issue in call centers in recent years, but now, with over 40 percent of the global workforce considering leaving their employer this year,1 it might get worse. Or could this be an opportunity for service delivery organizations? Has attrition increased or decreased in recent months for you, and does offering hybrid or remote work options help recruitment and retention? Join Poly and Call Center experts Mike Ringman, David Hadobas, and George Wilson who will share their insights into how the modern call center is transforming and the impact it will have on your business and employees. In this 45-minute session you will:  

  • Learn how customer service representatives can be successful while business is unusual   
  • Learn about the technologies that will help your workforce when hybrid working  
  • Help improve your attrition rate and keep your employees happy. 

Where Do We Go from Here? 

We will conclude the discussion with practical insights designed to help you create instant solutions for employees’ safe return to the workplace and to foster improved collaboration between teams.  

Join us on Dec. 8 for an interactive panel discussion (no slides!) and a chance to win some great Poly Swag. 

Register today!