We had a recent blog post from Thomas Pind, CEO of Futurecom Business Solutions, where he outlined 7 common reasons that UC adoption fails. I would like to add an 8th reason – relating only to the audio device:

One type of audio device does not fit all!

The majority of UC revolves around the PC, which has serious audio limitations; using the in-built speaker and microphone for calls are nigh on impossible in an average office.  When deciding which audio device is best suited, a number of factors need to be considered:

1.    Work environment – does the user work in an open plan office, private office, from home, on the road? A speaker phone can work in a private office or at home and a headset is generally better in an open plan office and on the road.

2.    Experience/Comfort with PC – if the user is fairly inexperienced with PC communications, a USB telephone can help ease the transition between traditional telephony and UC.

3.    PC/voice interactivity – If the user needs their hands free to use the computer then a headset or speakerphone is the obvious choice.

4. Conference call frequency – If the user is a frequent conference caller without video, adopting a wideband solution can help to provide crisp clear audio.

Additionally, the working roles need to be considered. For example, a road warrior may communicate primarily with a mobile phone but also a PC. A UC optimized multipoint Bluetooth headset would work here.

Phone intensive office workers will need a solution that offers optimal comfort and sound and a wireless headset solution that will allow them to move freely around the office while still on calls.

Home workers will need a multipoint solution that connects to all their devices and cancels out background noise and also allows them to move around.

Whatever the working scenario and working roles, high quality headsets and audio devices that cross communication platforms, networks, and enable workers to communicate comfortably and effectively are essential for UC success.

For a full set of features to consider to ensure a successful deployment of  audio devices for UC in your organization head over to the UC Toolkit (using the link below) and download the checklist from the “Trial” section.