From coast to coast, holiday shoppers are already camping out at stores to take advantage of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. I don’t know about you but I plan to have my Thanksgiving dinner in my home. Still you can’t deny it, the beginning of the holiday shopping season generates a lot of excitement among shoppers eager to find bargains and be part of the holiday shopping experience.

You want to be sure that the shopping enthusiasm spills over in this year’s Small Business Saturday on Nov. 24. Here are some ways you can attract more of those motivated shoppers to your business this year.

Signage: American Express who originated the event offers free signage you can use in your store front. You can go to FedEx Office to get two (2) 11″ x 17″ pieces of signage professionally printed.

Make it an event:  Everyone loves a party so get one going in your business. Decorate your windows and inside your store to capture the festive mood, serve refreshments and turn on some tunes or hire a local musician.

Offer specials: Offer specials on select items and prominently display them in the window and inside. In addition to discounted items, offer extras like free gift wrapping or a cute stocking stuffer.

Include online: Maximize your marketing through your social media networks. Carefully craft your messages about what’s happening at your business and any specials you are offering. If you have time, shoot off an email to customers to promote the day and encourage them to bring friends. While the event is going on, take pictures and post them on your social media networks to entice more shoppers to stop by and enjoy the party.

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