Working from home from time to time I’ve started to notice that it can be quite difficult to get your work done in a bad environment.  Here are some tips I’ve found to help improve your home office.

Open Space:

Don’t use a crammed corner of the living room or bedroom for your “office” if you can help it.  You want plenty of room to move around and work in.  If you cram yourself in a small spot, you may start to feel claustrophobic.  Leave yourself room to stand up and pace every hour or so.  Not only is this a healthy choice, but it’s relaxing for the mind to get away for a few minutes and clear your head.

Natural Light:

Having a source of natural light can brighten up more than just the room.  Pick a room with a window or skylight, and let in a bit of nature.  This can help solve the open space problem if you are confined to a smaller room, as windows tend to make a room seem more spacious and less confining.  On top of all that, its eco-friendly, so you can feel better about wasting less energy.

Plenty of Storage:

Make sure you have plenty of storage.  This can’t be stressed enough.  If you have wall space available, consider placing shelves to hold files or materials for your office work.  Even in this day and age of digital storage, many times I find myself in need of a spot to put something where I won’t lose it, and a single table top is not acceptable.  A clean work area is essential to keeping yourself on task and effective, and one way to keep that going is to having enough storage for all of your items.


Just because you are working doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable.  We spend most of our waking hours working; we should be comfortable, shouldn’t we?  Make sure you have a nice chair, seat, (or exercise ball if you are a Google employee) to sit on while working.  If you prefer to stand, consider buying an adjustable desk that allows you to move it vertically.  Also consider sound and temperature when choosing an office space.  A basement or garage may seem like a nice secluded place, but beware of rooms like that as they often don’t have air conditioning/heating or can have loud noises (like people walking upstairs back and forth.)

Remember to personalize your space, and most importantly, enjoy the space you are in.  If it’s not somewhere you would be when not working, it’s not good enough to work in.  Be comfortable, be productive, and be you.  Invest a little to make yourself happier, and it will show in your work.