It seems like we’re engaged in a technology juggling act, considering all the connected devices we use today.  A recent survey from Juniper Networks on mobile security indicated that mobile users worldwide own an average of three Internet-connected devices, while nearly one in five people (18 percent) own five or more devices – all of which we’re increasingly using on the job and off.  In addition to mobile devices, you probably have any number of desk phones at the office and home.

Being connected anywhere at any time can make us extremely productive. Still it can be distracting when you need to switch from one device to another to take a call or engage in an audio or even video conference. And we don’t certainly don’t need any more distractions. A study last year of 500 U.S. workers by market research firm uSamp, indicated that 45 percent of employees work only 15 minutes or less without getting distracted, and another 53 percent say they waste an hour a day due to any number of distractions

Our growing toolkit of devices has created the need for hands-free unified communications. That was certainly the case for Blach Construction.  The 140-employee company has been providing general contracting and construction management services to leading businesses and organizations throughout Northern and Central California for more than 40 years.

In order to service customers, a majority of the company’s employees needed to handle multiple tasks at any given moment — talking on the phone while simultaneously taking notes or running errands without disrupting conversations. Furthermore, many of them were taking calls on both their desk and mobiles, and others also used their PCs for conferencing.  Blach wanted a way for its employees to stay connected to all their devices and still be hands free to do other tasks.

Plantronics was able to resolve Blach’s needs. Our Savi headset solution is managing calls from mobiles, PCs and desk phones. Employees in and out of the office now can transition between calls from mobiles and their PCs using our Voyager PRO UC Bluetooth headset. As a result, one employee estimates that she saves about five minutes per call. With an average of 30 calls per day, that adds up to  2 ½ hours of saved time each day. Employees report they are enjoying not only flexibility but better range, clearer calls and more comfort.

Read more about Blach Construction to find out how the company has stopped the tech device juggling act. Blach is an example of how one company hands down is saving time, boosting employee productivity and satisfaction and keeping customers happy by unifying its communications.