Your company is thinking of transitioning into a UC environment and in order to do that, you must introduce UC audio devices. This transition isn’t just a simple one-step process. Before any sort of plan is implemented, it’s incredibly important to trial different products and gain a clear understanding of your end users’ work styles. Key questions to keep in mind are: What are the first steps to take? How do I choose a vendor? Should I choose more than one type of device for my end users? Highlighted below are three key points and best practices to keep in mind when choosing what products to trial.

1.Recognize that introducing UC audio devices will impact the infrastructure of the company as well as how users perform business communications. It’s important that the audio devices deployed meet your company’s goals, user needs, culture, and objectives.

2. Understand your users. There may be people with completely different styles of working in the office. For example, you may have sales representatives who are constantly on the move and other office workers who prefer to sit at their desk in a quieter environment. Depending on their role, they may need different audio devices in order to best meet their business communications needs.  From there, you will also have a better understanding of what devices to trial.

3. It’s best to select a representative sample of workers to participate in the trial of your chosen audio devices. As stated before, different workers have different needs and would give the most accurate feedback to further narrow down which devices would be best.

For more FAQs about trialing audio devices, read the full UC Toolkit Trial FAQ.

For more detailed information about trialing UC audio devices and other steps to consider when moving to a full deployment, make sure to check out the UC Toolkit.