Microsoft knows that technology moves quickly, and that social and mobile transformations are coming to the business world.  The “Mobile Revolution” as some have called it is on its way as more and more employees become free of their permanent workstations.  Businesses are facing a lot of risk, but also a chance to grow into the next stage of business development.  Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) around the world focus on preparing for these future opportunities and can be considered the enterprise equivalent of a Microsoft Store.

Adam Hecktman, MTC Director for Microsoft, was quoted saying, “We’re here to help envision, architect and demonstrate the needs of our customers.”  MTCs focus on showcasing what Microsoft can provide to customers, regardless of what the customer’s setup or policies are.  “Every square foot is built around some element of the customer’s decision making process” says Hecktman, “we’re reducing the risk for businesses to quickly prepare and implement Microsoft Technologies.”

For the offices that are lagging behind in technology, it’s time to catch up.  As more of us transform into the social beings we are, we demand our workplaces to do the same.  Locked down to a single desk in a cubicle is not how humans are meant to be treated.  We are social creatures, and we need a social and mobile environment to prosper.  Unfortunately we can only turn as fast as the slowest gear, and if one office or organization is still behind the curve, we are all behind.  The benefits of making your workspace digital are good for everyone, and here is why.

  • Product cycles become dramatically shorter
  • Work environment supports greater collaboration
  • Increase in productivity all around
  • Information will flow better.
  • Corporate goals and strategy will be reinforced
  • Employees will be able to provide real time feedback to managers through social platforms.
  • Management can receive automatic updates on status of employees though their digital behavior
  • Quickly build on others ideas and share thoughts among staff (even remote staff)
  • Leverage new technologies that automatically introduce employees to other staff, partners, and suppliers in order to build relationships and help the company become more effective.
  • Have flexible workspaces that allow for a more fluid experience and effective meeting areas.

Focusing on mobile and social integration can’t be a company’s only priority, but an effort must be made to keep up with the times and to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.  Don’t be that gas station that no one goes to because they still don’t accept debit cards.  Or the friend who never gets your party invitations because they don’t have a Facebook, a smartphone, or internet access at home.

MTC’s help enterprises focus on their needs and can help them upgrade without the fear that is associated with a complete overhaul.  They are prepared to deal with the future, starting by getting the rest of us up to their level.  Time to do our part.