Earlier this year, when the vast majority of office workers around the world suddenly found themselves working from home with little time to prepare, many organizations struggled to set their employees up for success with remote working. Meanwhile, the majority of those who thrived with a distributed workforce, got there thanks to the use of Unified Communications (UC) platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom that allow employees to virtually connect and engage with colleagues, managers and business partners. Combined with the right videoconferencing web cams and professional grade headsets, these cloud-based platforms provide for seamless collaboration.

As many organizations and individuals alike plan for their “next normal”, the decisions made regarding work environments moving forward must be made in conjunction with one another. The pandemic has taught us that organizations have to plan ahead in order to ensure that employees can use their business communication tools and applications regardless of where they are working.


Is it back into the office full-time? Working from home for the foreseeable future? Or, a hybrid approach of splitting time between in-office and home? If any time is spent working from home, it is important that you and your organization are confident and comfortable that the right tools and practices are in place to ensure successful remote collaboration.

At Poly, we understand that many individuals and organizations are still looking for guidance and we are here to help you. Until the end of October, we are offering a free 20-minute consulting call with one of our technology experts to give you advice.

Consulting Sessions are available for help with:

  • Remote working best practices for employees
  • Best practices for moving to Microsoft Teams
  • Poly headset and management tips
  • Video etiquette
  • Managing an increased number of remote workers

Simply fill out an inquiry form, and one of our consultants will get in touch with you within two business days to offer you free advice on one of the above listed subjects.

Beyond our free 20-minute consulting call, we have additional consultation options available for you. If you need help with your existing collaboration solution, network health analysis, or headset management, we have three key Work from Anywhere Consulting Services options to help in the following ways:


Poly UC Healthcheck Service – a two-day remote consulting engagement where one of our certified professionals will complete a holistic review of your existing collaboration solutions and remote working demands. You will be provided with a health check summary of your existing UC platform solution with personalized recommendations and proposed next steps to ensure it meets your organizations goals and objectives.

Poly Essential Network Health Service – focuses on delivering remote expert consultancy and analysis of your network and providing you with recommendations for improving performance in meeting the low loss, latency, and jitter requirements needed to support real-time and high-quality communication and collaboration.

Plantronics Manager Pro Onboarding and Adoption Service – provides guidance and best practices around Poly headset management, monitoring, and deployment. Learn more about how to get the most out of Plantronics Manager Pro.


All of our Professional Services are delivered by Poly’s certified UC Experts. Whether you are looking for some free advice or to engage deeper with us, our Poly Global Services team is ready to help enable human connections in the best way. Contact us today.