As most of you are likely well aware, Australia has been severely impacted from hundreds of uncontrolled wildfires which have destroyed homes and food sources for people and animals alike across the continent. Fortunately, recent rain has helped the monumental efforts taking place on the ground, but there is a tremendous need for continued support and donations.

Although Australia might not be physically close to many of us in terms of miles or kilometers, this crisis hits very close to home for Poly with employees residing in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne and throughout the Oceana region.

Many Poly employees donated to relief efforts, including  Emilia Hezari, a Software Quality Assurance Engineer in our Austin, Texas office, and her mother, who are helping Australia with their sewing talent.

“I hate watching others suffer. I need to feel that I’m helping in some small way. When I found out about the fires, I was devastated by the loss of life. Property is replaceable but people, animals and natural resources are not. A lot of the rescued animals have burns or are orphaned, marsupials such as kangaroos are being kept warm and safe in soft fabric pouches. I can sew and immediately wanted to help. My mother, Hovieh Hezari,  immediately got busy knitting nests (for birds) and I am making joey pouches to send over for orphaned Kangaroos. While it may seem silly to ship items to Australia, the rescuers/volunteers are overwhelmed with the care of the animals and have no time to make these. They also go through a lot of these items, so the need is real.”

If you are inspired by Emilia and her mother and would like to contribute similarly, take a look at how to make pouches for orphaned joeys here.

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