IT staff are continually being pulled in different directions, especially in large enterprises with complex deployments of collaboration hardware spread across time zones and geographies. On top of that, end user expectations for meeting equality are higher than ever with IT expected to accommodate and support different workstyles across many different workplaces. To further complicate matters, many customers end up stuck with multiple support contracts, with different expiry dates and some product purchases slipping through the net and not being covered at all.

We recently spent time talking with global enterprise customer IT Directors to better understand these pain points and worked with them to refine Poly+ to meet their unique needs. For large organizations, tracking and supporting numerous communication devices across multiple locations for high-scale deployments quickly becomes an arduous task.

Poly+ Enterprise

That is why we are proud to introduce Poly+ Enterprise – a turbo-charged version of our award-winning Poly+ support service. Poly+ Enterprise has been designed specifically with the large enterprise in mind and provides:

  • Unlimited global priority 24/7 technical support with dedicated support number and unique PIN code – enabling rapid access to an assigned support team with ecosystem cloud partner support skills to accelerate case resolution.
  • No need to track serial numbers – enterprise customers are assigned a single Master ID for their entire Poly estate.
  • Advance hardware replacement – devices are replaced with pre-paid next business-day shipping to any hybrid working location, ensuring business continuity.
  • Coverage for your entire Poly deployment – including automatic coverage as new devices are added along the way.
  • Designated Poly Customer Success Manager – focused on making sure that all Poly service program activities are optimized for you.
  • Enterprise integration and IT tools for maximum success – taking the strain off your IT team by providing a proactive position on monitoring and device management.
  • Simple pricing per device category and an annual true-up process – enables blanket coverage for all devices across the enterprise and effortless forecasting and budgeting for annual planning.

These professional-grade benefits will remove the burden of day-to-day tracking and budgeting, providing the peace of mind and simplicity that end users crave. If a user requires support for their Unified Collaboration solution at two in the morning, no problem! Help is available 24/7. This hassle-free support service lets you focus on your priorities, optimizing your overall time management.

Contact your Poly representative for more information about Poly+ Enterprise and turbo-charge your support service today.