Once upon a time, long ago, we used to go into the office and use conference rooms to collaborate, make decisions, and drive the business. They weren’t perfect, but everyone in the room had a voice and all ideas were heard.  In the new era of hybrid working, almost all meetings now involve remote participants, requiring a new approach to connecting people, spaces, and technology to keep moving our businesses forward and meet customer needs.

So, how do we maintain the communication, collaboration, and creativity at the same level we had in the office? The key is adapting your technology to deliver an equitable experience for the people inside and outside of the room, which means outfitting your workspaces with the best possible gear.

The Microsoft Teams rooms vision for hybrid meetings shows a clear path to make meetings seamless and inclusive. Poly’s vision matches this – to deliver a balanced experience for those inside and outside of the meeting room with professional-grade audio and video solutions that work from anywhere. 

Great Audio Makes Hybrid Meetings Work

As a remote worker, you want to be heard in a meeting so that you feel valued even away from the office. This means, of course, using a good headset. This ensures you can have the same presence as you would in person. In the room, you want to be able to pick up the subtlety of side conversations, to know your voice is heard by everyone, and for the technology to just work.

Meet the new Poly Sync 60-M – certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRoW.) Designed to fill small to medium conference rooms with remarkable sound to give those remote workers that presence they need.  The Sync60-M has six microphones with a steerable array so you know your voice will be heard when you are in the room. If you need reassurance, the light bars on the side of the speakerphone clearly show the level of your voice being picked up.

The Sync60-M is certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms, so it will be connected (to a G10 or similar), powered up, and switched on ready to go when you walk in the room.  The technology just works – clear buttons with vibrant, colored LED bars that give you real-time feedback.  You can know with confidence if you are mute, what volume you are set at, and whose voice is being picked up. Making hybrid meetings easy, productive, and equitable for everyone.

And when the meetings finished…

Your mobile isn’t fully charged?  No problem – you can charge two phones simultaneously from the Sync60.  What if you’re the only one in the conference room?  Nobody else is around, right? Pair your mobile to the Sync 60, get some tunes pumping, and check out that bass from the two 10W speakers!  Got a big room?  You can pair two Sync 60s together for even more bass power – oh yeah, and you’ll get independent left and right channels for an incredible stereo experience

What are you waiting for? Check out the Poly Sync60-M and other Poly audio solutions.