Over the past eighteen months, Poly Experience Centers (PECs) around the world have been refreshed and reopened in cities like Shanghai, Beijing and London. This week we were proud to officially open the doors of our newest PEC in New York City! Over the course of two days, we welcomed industry press, analysts, customers and partners to join us for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony and a chance to experience the difference that Poly’s solutions can make to enable today’s modern hybrid workforce. 

What is a Poly Experience Center? 

Poly’s experience centers are special because we take a holistic approach to demonstrating how our products integrate into workspaces. For many other companies, briefing centers are designed as showrooms to display and demonstrate solutions in a simulated environment. At Poly, our experience centers are actual workspaces! This allows our visitors to experience collaborative solutions in action in a way that can be easily reproduced by customers in their own office locations. 

In our PECs, you can meet face to face with our solution experts as they walk you through Poly solutions that are tailored to your business’s specific needs. You can see demonstrations of Poly’s products and experience the tools designed to empower and connect workforce – whether they are in an office, working from home or someplace in between. 

The decision to refresh our PECs allowed us to rethink the design of our centers and update them to reflect the most pressing business needs today. Our former centers built almost 10 years ago were great for a “present to” style of briefing program; however, they needed to be updated to accommodate our current “experience” methodology.  

The Experience 

The goal of the Poly Experience Program is to create tailored briefing experiences for our customers to showcase how Poly’s professional-grade voice and video gear can solve their organization’s specific collaboration needs. So, we start by getting to know our guests, their business and what they are going through. We want to have a firm grasp on the day-to-day reality of their employees. Where are they working and how? Are they set up to be productive given their work style and workplace? Is the layout of the office welcoming and conducive to employee productivity? Then we begin to tailor our presentation for the exact needs of each business and employee persona.  

Matching Solutions with Workstyles 

At Poly we advocate for physical spaces that are designed to accommodate different workstyles as well as the importance of outfitting every employee with the right tools for their job function and locations. Over the past decade, we’ve done extensive persona research to understand the various workstyles that make up the typical organization from office collaborators to on-the-go executives. This user-driven approach to technology decisions is more critical than ever as so many of our customers are planning for a future of work that is increasingly hybrid and flexible. Our PEC staff can walk you through how to match the correct technology for the various personas in your workforce to keep them productive and connected throughout the day. 

We look forward to sharing the Poly experience with our visitors in NYC. To learn more about our Poly Experience Program or to schedule your experience, contact your Poly account representative! 

Jennifer Adams leads Global Sales Experience and Enablement Programs at Poly.