When Google Voice launched in 2010, Poly understood the benefits this Google technology would offer our customers. Poly very quickly became the primary provider of certified desk phones for Google Voice and our VVX (OBi Edition) line of desk phones have delivered pro-grade performance to Google customers around the world. Since then, the Voyager, Blackwire, and Sync families of certified headsets and speakerphones have joined our VVX phones in enabling people to connect with confidence from anywhere using the Google Voice soft and mobile clients.

As more enterprises plan their return to the office, we see a significant demand for next-generation cloud-connected desk phone solutions that Google Voice provides.  The Poly strategic alliance with Google has continued to grow with the increasing demand, and Poly now has certifications across the entire Google Workspace ecosystem, including Google Meet, Chromebook, and Chrome OS. However, Google Voice is still at the heart of our relationship, and we are delighted to announce our latest certifications for Google Voice.

Poly Edge B-Series IP Desk Phones

Stylish design meets Poly pro-grade audio. That’s what makes the Poly Edge B-Series IP Phones the genius choice for any growing business. Easy to use with illuminated keys where you need them most. Audio-enhancement technologies like Poly HD voice and Poly Acoustic Fence technology give your business-grade audio quality with no background noise. And these desk phones are hardcore reliable—exactly what you need to keep customers happy. It’s pure value in a low-cost business phone.

Obi 300/302 Adapters

Poly OBi300 family enhances the communication possibilities of home offices with flexibility in voice, fax, and modem applications as you transition to the digital communications world. Home and business offices can maximize their current analog investment by keeping up to two analog phones or fax machines. Certified for Google Voice, this dedicated device prioritizes phone calls above other internet traffic coming through the LAN port to ensure users clearly hear every important word.

Poly Trio 8300

Poly Trio 8300 transforms any small conference room into a smart collaboration hub with the touch of a button. Launch conference calls in seconds, tune out distractions and keep everyone engaged with Poly NoiseBlock technology. Optimal coverage ensures every voice is heard. One device provides Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth® and IP connectivity, and a simple interface launches meetings in seconds. With all these options in one smart device, you can help your teams get more done in less space. And make meetings more engaging for everyone.

Note: Support for Trio 8300 devices will be available in the coming weeks.

Continued Innovation

As one of the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies, there is no doubt that Google will continue to bring innovation to the collaboration market. However, some things don’t change—the need for audio and video solutions that deliver meaningful and authentic collaboration experiences to everyone. That’s where Poly comes in. Our knowledge of delivering a pro-grade experience, combined with our comprehensive Google certified portfolio, means Poly looks forward to continuing our thought, technology and market leadership position in the Google ecosystem. Poly products and Google power a diverse range of hardware and cloud solutions to ensure everyone has an equitable seat at the table, no matter where they are.

Visit https://www.poly.com/us/en/solutions/platform/google to learn more about Poly certified solutions for Google.

You can read the Google announcement here.