When Poly was formed through the acquisition of Polycom by Plantronics, two distinct philanthropy programs merged into one. While we pieced together our new program, it was of great importance that it would not only benefit our partnering non-profit organizations, but also the employees of our new company. Through reaching out to our employees, we were able to learn more about which non-profits they were most interested in so we could provide them with tools to facilitate their support.

Our new program addresses corporate social responsibility while engaging employees by enabling them to give back to their local communities as well as international organizations. We worked to ensure that Poly’s new Global Giving program retained the most impactful aspects of each of the former companys’ philanthropic leadership to reflect our larger, global organization.

United as Poly

When we collaborate and create to improve the lives of others, we feel more united. Feeling connected to charitable causes where we work and live has a far deeper meaning than occasionally giving money or a few hours of our time. Just like a skipping pebble, there’s a ripple effect when one person’s life is changed for the better by the efforts of another. And, more often than not, these efforts are paid forward and contributed to another’s life.

Causes You’re Passionate About

With the creation of the new Poly Global Giving program, we’ve defined the types of non-profits that are most popular with employees globally: local community efforts, youth care, STEM education (especially for girls and women), environmental causes, and disaster relief. If an employee is interested in another category of non-profits, Poly provides several ways to support them, too.

Giving Made Easy with Benevity

Benevity is a global leader in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software. As part of our new program, Poly employees can access the software tool Benevity to easily donate to approved non-profits and request matching by Poly for their donations. Or, they can submit their volunteer hours and receive rewards that can then be donated to any non-profit of their choice in Benevity. This has led to increased giving and volunteering as employees are able to easily learn about opportunities.

Poly Global Giving Ambassadors

We’ve also developed a team of Poly Global Giving Ambassadors (PGGAs) in offices around the world. Our PGGAs help their colleagues learn about how they can get involved by utilizing their options in Benevity, coordinating local Global Giving activities, or donating time or money to their local non-profits.

Keeping up with Poly Global Giving

We have also made it easier to share how Poly employees are getting involved. Starting with our new monthly newsletter, Inside Poly Giving, where we highlight the Global Giving activities that employees or offices have done. It’s truly inspiring and exciting for us to hear about how others are contributing in different parts of the world. Additionally, we share these efforts on social media and the Poly as we hope it will encourage others to join us as we set out to improve the world with the best products as well as with our care and concern for others.

Poly is global company whose employees understand the meaning of giving and working together. Whether as an individual or as a team, we’re changing the world – one person at a time.