We’ve all gotten used to working remotely in our current “normal”. Now, 2021 creates a whole new set of challenges as the need for data, insights, access, and improved experiences have surpassed what we saw over the previous five years.

The professional world underwent a decade of innovation in less than a year and now businesses need the right tools to meet that change. They need mission-critical communications to come through clearly, they need the ability to set up and manage thousands of remote devices on par with equipment in an office, and they need the assurance of business continuity during a time characterized by change and uncertainty. Enter Poly Lens Software and Poly+, software and services to support today’s distributed workforce.

Poly Lens is a cloud-based service that gives IT departments the powerful tools they need to manage and support devices from anywhere. Additionally, Poly+ removes the typical headaches an IT department faces with a customer support service designed for the latest Poly personal devices portfolio to ensure that they always perform at their best. Get peace of mind with 24×7, 365 technical support including live video chat and an extra year of replacement, so you can count on your device to work when and where you need it. Poly Lens is already a major value-add on its own, and when paired with Poly+, you receive access to future software innovation and premium features in Poly Lens not otherwise available in addition to the support benefits mentioned.


Because of the unique challenges in the workplace today, we’re introducing these new product management and support offerings as part of the Poly Studio P Series – our newest line of pro-grade personal video devices and software built to ensure users always look and sound their best. Just like there are two sides to a coin, Poly Lens offers unique benefits to end-users on one side and benefits to IT on the other.


For the end-user, the app allows users to set up and tailor personal devices to their needs or preferences to fit their unique work style. Additionally, through the app, users can keep device and software current and quickly access technical help if needed.

In addition to being a great tool for managing personal devices, we’ve also included smart features that will improve a user’s entire workday. Personal wellness tips and reminders encourage them to stay active throughout the busy day and optional workspace nature sounds help them find their focus by drowning out the chaos of home.


From an organizational perspective, Poly Lens gives IT the ability to gain workforce and device insights and manage their Poly deployment – all from a single pane of glass. The Poly Lens app grants assurance that all the Poly Studio P Series devices that teams are using are up-to-date and running smoothly – whether in the office, at home, or on-the-go.

When it comes to deployments, onboarding one or thousands of compatible devices just got a whole lot easier with centralized provisioning without complex setup or technical support. In that same vein, with Poly Lens, IT staff are freed up to focus on important issues instead of spending time on mundane tasks like one-by-one software updates or single device setting configurations

From practical features like the ability to monitor device health, connection status, viewing network insights, and troubleshoot problems for remote workers to gathering intelligent data that allow organizations to keep track of investments with inventory management and interactive mapping – Poly Lens is a slam dunk for IT.

Poly Lens on the Poly Studio P21


We are excited to introduce Poly+, our new customer support for personal conferencing devices. When a user needs support, Poly+ provides a major value-add for end-users and IT teams alike with app-to-cloud connectivity which grants greater capabilities while helping troubleshoot issues from afar. Poly+ is stress-prevention for managing technology distributed across all kinds of workplaces – giving users and IT departments confidence that they’ve always got the latest in hardware, support, software, and overall quality of conferencing is assured.


This service gives IT teams and device users unlimited access to Poly technical support experts 24/7/365 via phone, chat, web, or live video.


Additionally, advance hardware replacement* with pre-paid next-day shipping means that should you need to replace a device, we’ll get one heading to your specified location the next business day – even before receiving the old one.


Poly+ also offers exclusive discounts on several valuable remotely delivered Professional Services. Including services to redesign workspaces to meet new requirements for flexible workforces, installation of video endpoints, and onboarding of Poly Lens. Additionally, consulting days provide expert advice and best practices to assist where organizations need help most. All of Poly’s Professional Services are designed to accelerate deployment, ease the burden of IT teams, and increase user adoption.


As hybrid working continues to dominate into the future, dispersed workforces and IT will rely on robust cloud-based tools to act as the glue holding them all together. Poly Lens is that bit of magic that takes our best-in-class devices and puts them into a category all of their own. And when integrated with Poly+, organizations can have total peace of mind that their technology investments are protected.

For more information about Poly Lens and Poly+ visit Poly.com.