With the latest release of Poly Video OS v4.0, it’s time to share four reasons why Poly takes the Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone meeting experience from good to great. Together with Zoom, we remain committed to delivering innovations that spark creativity, inclusivity, and collaboration. Here’s a look across Poly’s video and voice solutions that continue to trailblaze and improve the hybrid work experience.

1. Poly Video OS v4.0 Supports Zoom Rooms 

The Poly Studio X Series continues to be a family of standout all-in-one video bars thoughtfully engineered to support small, medium, and large Zoom Rooms. With Poly Video OS v4.0, the Poly Studio X50 and Studio X70 can now support Multi-Camera mode for Zoom Rooms which allows users to enable multiple cameras simultaneously from a single conference room. These powerful video bars now support three streams at 720p resolution so that in-room participants will be seen more clearly by remote participants in Zoom Rooms Multi-Camera mode.

2. Edge E Phones Elevate Personal Workspaces 

The Poly Edge E series IP desk phones are certified for use with Zoom Phone and outfitted with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, making it a smart choice for shared workspaces and home offices. Zoom users with a dedicated home office can quickly pair their Edge E desk phone to their Android mobile devices via Near-Field Communication (NFC)Technology (Apple iPhones are paired manually).

3. Take Zoom on the go with Poly Voyager Free 60 Series

Mobility is a must-have for today’s hybrid workforce, so we built a complete suite of headsets. We recently added our Voyager Free 60 Series wireless earbuds to the list of Zoom-certified headsets. These stylish earbuds feature next-level adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and a three-mic array to isolate one’s voice, so Zoom users can be confident they can hear and be heard clearly. 

4. Poly DirectorAI Delivers a Broadcast Quality Experience

Video experiences are the standard for day-to-day collaboration. Poly’s range of video solutions certified for Zoom Rooms are equipped with Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology that powers cutting-edge video experiences with broadcast quality. This unique innovation tracks participants in the meeting room, then seamlessly transitions and frames them in real time. It’s like having a personal director in the room. With Poly DirectorAI, hybrid work experiences are more engaging, so all team members—in the office or remotely—have a virtual seat at the table.

Special Discount Programs for Zoom Rooms Hardware

Poly takes pride in being a one-stop shop for Zoom customers. We offer a portfolio of video and audio solutions that cater to every workstyle and are super easy to manage. Whether you choose a Windows or Android experience, Poly has a reliable Zoom Rooms solution for small, medium, and large rooms. And with the recent addition of the Poly TC10, now Zoom IT admins can deploy these in the meeting room as a Zoom Rooms controller or right outside the room for quick booking via Zoom Workspace Reservation

Interested in experiencing the Poly difference? Take advantage of our programs today! We have discount programs for Zoom Rooms Appliances (Android) and Zoom Rooms on Windows

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