The Covid-19 virus has put the world under tremendous strain, upending routines, workflows and in the case of global contact centers, challenging our ability to service customers traditionally. In many global organizations, the contact center has essentially become the lifeline and, in some instances, the only customer facing team for thousands of companies as field sales teams, retail stores and other channels have been forced to adopt social distancing strategies.

At the same time that many contact centers were already working through the challenge of transitioning from on-prem to cloud based infrastructure, now many are also quickly having to adapt to enable customer service reps to work from home, while maintain continuity of service.

To address these challenges and provide the crucial flexibility required, Poly has teamed up with the team at Five9 to enable our joint customers to benefit from a new, Headset-as-a-Service (HaaS)* program. This innovative HaaS offer will allow our joint customers to navigate the shift from on-premise to Cloud and enable remote working capabilities in a timely fashion with minimal impact to budgets.

The HaaS service from Five9 includes:

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  • Month to Month subscription for Headsets
  • No upfront Capital Expense
  • Simple, recurring monthly payments to Five9
  • Cancel anytime
  • 3-Year warranty by Poly


HaaS enables Five9 and Poly customers to proactively manage their headset requirements, scaling to meet new demand without a significant capital expense, allowing you to opt for the best in class performance while managing your cash flow.

The headset solutions available with the Five9 Headset-as-a-Service are:

Fast Track your contact center’s evolution and enable your agents to work from any location with simple monthly payments for both Five9 SaaS and HaaS with access to Poly’s award-winning customer service and warranty!

Whether you are a small business looking to implement a remote contact center for the first time or a large enterprise implementing your Customer Experience Business Continuity Plans – Headset-as-a-Service is for you!


* Initially only available in the US and Canada.