This year, Zoom took the Zoomtopia experience to the next level by hosting the annual conference on their recently announced virtual platform, Zoom Events. This year’s Zoomtopia theme was Imaginarium, and we were super excited to showcase how Poly’s complete suite of certified hardware solutions for Zoom help companies to reimagine their workspaces. Here are some memorable moments from this year’s event:

Introducing the Conference Room Heroes: Poly Studio X70 and E70

Two years ago, Poly partnered with Zoom to introduce the Zoom Rooms Appliances category with the launch of the first Zoom-certified video bars, Poly Studio X30 and X50, perfect for huddle spaces and medium-sized conference rooms. This year we were excited to expand the lineup with the introduction of the Poly Studio X70 and E70, delivering a native Zoom Rooms experience for large conference rooms. During this week’s event, attendees got to experience a 3D showcase of Poly Studio X70 and E70 during the Zoom Rooms Virtual Reality breakout session – super cool!

LIVE Demo of Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery: Poly Thought Leadership Session

As an annual Platinum Sponsor of Zoomtopia, Poly always enjoys the opportunity to connect and share our latest research, insights, and innovations with attendees. This year, Jennifer Adams, leader of Poly’s Workstyle Persona Research, partnered with Zoom experts to share the best practices and latest revelations around supporting the hybrid workforce as companies build out their return to the office strategy. We closed out our session with a LIVE demo of Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery on the Poly Studio X50 that showcased the power of Poly’s DirectorAI technology, a suite of new features capable of seamless transitions between active speakers. Poly solutions for Zoom Rooms paired with the Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery feature make conversations feel that much closer for everyone in the “room”.

Driving Change: Poly featured in Education & Healthcare Thought Leadership Sessions

This year Poly’s healthcare subject matter expert, Scott Simmons, participated in a breakout session to discuss how solutions, like the Poly Telehealth Station, are important for healthcare delivery organizations to provide comprehensive care. On the Education front, Melissa Griggs from our Poly Grants Assistance Program team, joined Zoom’s Global Education Solutions Lead, Pat LaMorte, for a one-on-one conversation on funding and best practices around long-term education needs.

Experience the Poly Difference: Zoom Interactive Workspace Design Tool

In the true spirit of the conference’s Imaginarium theme, attendees could use Zoom’s Interactive Workspace Design Tool to imagine how Poly solutions could be deployed in various Zoom work environments, like the home office, phone booth, or huddle spaces. A standout showcase was the in-office personal workspace that features the Poly CCX 700 desk phone, Voyager 4220 headset, and Poly Studio P5 webcam – all of which are Zoom certified devices. We knew this interactive tool would be a hit, so we filled our virtual showcase booth with helpful resources along with Poly experts to answer questions and coordinate live product demonstrations.

Keep a lookout for more Poly devices and workspaces to be added in the coming months!

Zoom Phone goes from 0 to 2 Million Seats Worldwide

Earlier this year we partnered with Zoom to officially launch the Zoom Phone Appliances category, and we’ve seen tremendous growth in a short period of time. It was great to hear from Zoom leadership on their plans to expand the Zoom phone cloud platform with cool features including video voicemail, which is a big upgrade from traditional voicemail to now a more personable alternative. I loved seeing Poly customers share their experience in a Zoom Phone breakout session of how Poly and Zoom technology provide the flexibility required to meet the demands of their hybrid workforce. On another note, our Zoom Phone Appliances, Poly CCX 600 with EagleEye mini camera and CCX 700 desk phones, were recognized in the Zoom Phone showcase as ideal solutions that deliver the perfect blend of video and audio. I’m looking forward to our engineers working together to deliver a native Zoom Phone experience on the rest of the CCX series.

Imagining the Future Together

We are proud to partner with Zoom to continue to trailblaze the video revolution as companies across the globe begin to fully embrace a hybrid working infrastructure. No matter where or how you work, we are working hard to ensure you have a reliable and seamless user experience every time.

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