What is the future of the call center? I know where we can find the answer

The answer is cloudy. No meatballs though.

Covid didn’t cause a change in the future direction of call centers, it accelerated that change. Companies have been on the path of automation, remote working, and cloud for many years now – Covid did sharpen the focus on business continuity though!

At Poly we’re proud of our ability to predict, align to the latest industry trends, and create superbly designed products to exceed customer expectations. And we’re proud to join Chrome OS as they announce fully integrated solutions for call centers.

Chrome OS provides the best platform for a call center.  Enabling organizations to:

  • Protect business and customer information
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Deploy and manage easily

Poly provides the best solutions for the employee, enabling organizations to:

  • Make a real connection
  • Move to the cloud
  • Empower employees

We are working with Chrome OS and our existing partners at Five9, Ringcentral, Vonage, 8×8 and Citrix to launch an entirely new way for companies to provide their critical customer experience, and jointly solve challenges for the hybrid call center:

Flexible Working

  • Employees can now work in the home or in the office, so they need light, portable devices that are easily transportable. Organizations need high security with many devices no longer being on premises.

Increase Productivity

  • There’s no room for complexity; Devices and interfaces must ensure employees quickly and easily understand the information in front of them, and what a customer is saying to them.

Video Interactions

  • With employees working remotely, team meetings and training now need video front and center to keep employees connected.  We’re seeing the rise of video customer interactions – make sure your employees are ready with devices that show their best side.

Retain Employees

  • A key global challenge is how to keep your best employees.  Start by making it easy for them, empower them to make the best decisions, and ensure their safety.

When looking for progress, sometimes a revolution is needed, rather than evolution, and this is why we are so excited to see Chrome OS offer a fully integrated solution for call centers. Chrome OS has unique advantages that are particularly suitable for a distributed workforce including built-in security, automatic updating, easy onboarding, and a familiar interface. Combine that with easy IT deprovisioning and redistribution to new staff, and you have a winner that establishes and drives a cloud-first way of working.

However, some things don’t change in customer experience, and that’s where Poly comes in. Our knowledge of delivering an enterprise experience at the edge, combined with our comprehensive portfolio, fit for purpose and fully certified as part of the Works with Chomebook program, means Poly looks forward to maintaining our thought and market  leadership on this new innovation frontier.

For more information on Poly’s solutions for call centers visit Poly.com