When the world came together in November for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the message was clear: climate change is a global emergency, requiring urgent action. As a global technology business, we embrace our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact. We set goals, implement programs and innovate to improve our sustainability standards, and we know we are not alone. The pursuit of a green future is shared across many businesses, and our collective efforts are critical.

Where Poly Stands and What We’re Doing

Every day at Poly, thousands of dedicated team members are working to develop and manufacture technology solutions to connect all global citizens. Creating better ways to communicate, connect and collaborate is at the heart of Poly, and it’s where we will make our greatest contribution to battling climate change. We’re determined to deliver products that exceed our customers’ expectations, and we feel the same way about our environmental standards. Investing in our planet, this year’s Earth Day theme, is a part of our own sustainability journey. Some of the steps we have taken include reducing emissions and nonessential travel, using planet-friendly packaging, developing products with sustainable materials and implementing programs that support recycling and buy-backs. Click here to read about them in more detail.

We are committed to creating the right kind of long-term impact in the world, not just because it matters to our employees, our customers and our investors, but because it is part of Poly’s identity. We are proud to be part of the larger global community and plan make decisions as good stewards of the earth, its resources and its people.

Talent Retention & Sustainability

Studies show that a sustainable future is a prosperous one for individuals and businesses alike. According to a survey of over 1,000 employees, conducted by Swytch, now an affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation, 70% of employees report that they are more likely to work for a company that has a strong green footprint, and many of them would accept a pay cut to choose a more responsible, sustainable employer. It’s clear that employees and prospective talent are serious about sustainability. Learn more from the Earth Day Organization.

Poly’s Sustainable Future

The steps Poly has already taken toward a more sustainable future are just the beginning. We are extremely excited to announce that our annual Sustainability Report, previously called the Corporate Social Responsibility report, will be published next month. It will outline our progress over the last year, covering many subjects from our emissions performance to our diversity programs, and articulate our strategy for creating a more sustainable future. Be sure to return to our blog for the report release in May!